The first¬†Interstellar trailer hit this weekend, playing before The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug, and a bootleg copy shot from someone’s cellphone hit the Internet last night. I won’t post bootlegged crap here, but luckily today a real version hit YouTube and we have the brilliant¬†Interstellar trailer here for your enjoyment now.

The trailer has Matthew McConaughey giving a voice over while moments from the world’s space travel history plays on the screen. The emphasis of this dialogue and footage is that people used to get excited about “reaching for the stars” but somehow we lost that and now it doesn’t seem to even matter anymore.

The voice over then asks if people forgot that we are all pioneers and should always be reaching for something more.

Very little of the movie itself was shown here, as Christopher Nolan just wanted to tease the audience with his ideas from the movie, and in my opinion he succeeded. This trailer showed us what Nolan’s movie was going to “feel” like without spoiling us to what his movie will actually be about. When it comes to Nolan’s personal films (The Prestige, Inception), it is always better to go in with some mystery anyway.

What were your thoughts of the Interstellar trailer? Did it sell you on the film? Are you counting the days to December 2014 when it finally hits theaters? Let us know your thoughts below.

Source: YouTube