The Breakdown

We picked up during the fight were Sally murdered Daniel, she did it because he was going to leave her (she knew he was gay, they had a fight and he was going to leave). Cyrus comes in to save her. As he sees Daniel there he thinks about his fight with James.

A Door Marked Exit

Olivia has her team dig up dirt on her mother so she can have her arrested in Hong Kong. Huck put a tracking device on Quinn. Has Quinn ia making the deal with Eli, one of Eli’s cronies tells him here Maya is. Quinn pulls the tracking device from out of her teeth. Olivia has Jake go with Huck with they find Quinn and Eli. Eli is going to the airport to find Maya when a car pulls him over and takes him to a secluded room. Fitz has him put there until Maya has landed safely.

Quin is about to leave Wonderland when Charlie pulls her aside. Cyrus has called him to clean up Sally’s ‘mess. Cyrus tells Sally that Daniel died of a heart attack. Sally wants to come clean but Cyrus persuades her not to. Fitz is talking to Eli and wants to know why he had to shoot down the plane and Eli keep telling him that it’s above his pay grade.

A Door Marked Exit

Fitz tells Eli that he is banging Olivia to get a rise out of him, which he does Eli simply puts it that Fitz will never step out of his fathers shadow. Abby tells Olivia about her mom, Maya who has a rap sheep longer that 50 cent however hasn’t killed anyone she just stole secrets from Eli to sell to the highest bidder. James is watching the news and gets word on Daniel, Cyrus comes in and wanted to tell him first. James has the look on his face as if Cyrus killed Daniel but doesn’t get a chance to actually say it.

Jake and Huck track down Eli and Fitz to the pentagon. Olivia calls Fitz in order to speak to her dad. Fitz bring Olivia in to ask her dad about the plane crash. Olivia ask that why would her mom put a bomb on the plane to was going to London. Olivia feels that it doesn’t make since being her mom was just selling secrets not actually killing people, her mom make Eli think there was a bomb on the plane in order for him to blow it up. Olivia asks Fitz to have her mom arrest the minute she lands.

A Door Marked Exit

Quinn goes back to Olivia’s office and Huck tells her she isn’t a gladiator anymore and Quinn leaves. James comes back and Cyrus wants to know what is going to happen is he going to leave or not, James never answers. Fitz calls Olivia to tell her the Maya plane never landed it was found in the middle of no where with everyone on broad dead. Maya has escaped.

Jake comes by Olivia’s office to say goodbye. Jake isn;t going to by 2nd fiddle to Fitz. Quinn also goes back to Charlie. One of David Rosen’s assistant plays the tape of Sally calling Cyrus after she murdered her husband. Leo is speaking to Sally about going forward with her nomination when she calls Daniel a sodomite and Leo figures out that she killed him. Olivia calls her dad asking more question, which he gives none. As he goes back to his office, he finds Jake sitting there as Jake as been appointed as the new command. James tells Cyrus he wants to be white house press secretary that is the deal for Jake to take Cyrus back. Maya calls Olivia from a cell phone just to tell her she ok, Olivia starts asking a bunch of questions and Maya tells her she will see her soon. Maya throws away the phone from outside of the white house gates.

A Door Marked Exit

The Analysts

Out of every single show I watch this is the best mid-season finale yet. This is what most shows will put out for a season finale but Scandal did it mid season. Damn so Jake got a promotion, Quinn went back to Charlie (and possibly is gone from Olivia’s team) and David Rosen is about to find out who killed Daniel. The only thing that didn’t happen was Eli telling Fitz that his father raped Mellie. I swear I thought that was going to come out of Eli’s mouth when he went off on Fitz when Fitz said that he was banging his daughter. I’m still upset we haven’t explored Hardison more than Quinn oh well maybe they will when the series pick up anyway Gladiators see you February 27!