THE BOONDOCK SAINTS director and New England native, Troy Duffy, is back in the game: fans and Hollywood gossip columnists alike are ecstatic beyond words. According to Deadline, Duffy is currently working on deals for both TV and Feature Film projects. Duffy initially got his start when he was a barkeep at J. Sloan’s in Los Angeles.

Harvey Weinstein bought the script and appointed Duffy to direct, garnering an enormous amount of press for the rare rags to riches success story. Duffy’s success (and immediate failure) is chronicled in the 2003 documentary film OVERNIGHT, directed by filmmakers Tony Montana and Mark Brian Smith. Albeit a bias telling of the events that took place during the production of The Boondock Saints, Duffy’s experience making the film has become something of legend among indie filmmakers, mainly because he managed to pull through and let his film work speak for itself. The film has since gained an enormous cult following, of which this columnist is a member.

Some of the latest projects that Duffy is said to be involved with include Sony’s KINGDOM COME, an episodic period drama about 19th century pirate Jean Lafitte, and a feature film THE BLOOD SPOON COUNCIL with Voltage Pictures.

You can follow Troy Duffy on Twitter and connect with him on Facebook.

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