The Breakdown

A man is broken out of prison by Extremis super soldiers. When Couslen gets the case S..H.I.E.L.D. has him get help from Michael Peterson (the villain from the pilot episode). The man S.H.I.E.L.D. is trying to catch is Edison Poe.

The Bridge

The only person that the team has identified was a Brian Heyward, ex military. They are going to track down his sister in order to get to him. Skye has looked at the visitors that met with Poe while in prison. There was only one, Rena also know as the girl in the flower dress. Micheal Peterson also knows her. (he identified her to the team) She told Micheal that she could change his life. She is the person who recruited Micheal to the Extremis project. In a secret location, the soilders are held. Rena tells Poe that the Extremis soldiers are hard to maintain. Even though the are stabilized, fighting takes a lot out of them. This is a problem as Extremis has to move locations every 3 days because S.H.I.L.E.D. is on to them. Poe tells Rena that maybe it is time to stop running.

Coulson and Ward finally track down Heyward’s sister. Ward tells her that her brother has won the lottery and she needs to contact him. She takes the bait and calls him. FitzSimmions tracks him down to Oakland, Ca.  Coulson tells Mike that he’s up and gives him a X-men like suit that can track his vitals and is bullet proof. Coulson, Mike, May and Ward enter the warehouse where it seems abandoned. Skye calls the number they got for Hayward. Once it rings, Heyward comes out of a shipping container and commences to whoop ass. While in the fight Mike takes a lot of damage.

The Bridge

After the fight is over Coulson questions one of the super soldiers and Rena deactivates him (kills him, much like how Akela was under someone else’s control in episode 4). Rena and Poe see the last image from the soldiers eyes .(which is Coulson and Mike) Rena wonders why Mike is still as strong as one of their super soldiers as he hasn’t had an injection in a while. Poe tells her that he is the key to stage 3 of their plans.

Fitz and Simmons has found out that Extremis is the one that made that Eye camera for Akela and these super soldiers. Poe is speaking with Rena about the clairvoyant. Rena wants to meet him and Poe tells her the last time someone tried to so they they were stabbed and Poe thinks that Rena is too pretty for that. Back at the BUS May confronts Ward about getting in the middle of her battle. Afterwards may goes off on Skye, telling her that they have a mission and it isn’t to find her parents. Coulson speaks to Mike about seeing his son Ace. After the talk Mike calls Ace and Rena is there. She reminds Mike of when they first met that she could change his life.

The Bridge

Mike tells Coulson that the deal was made with Rena to trade himself for his son Ace. When they get to the meeting point we find out that Mike lied and the deal was for Coulson for Ace. Mike is about to kill Rena when Coulson tells him not to do it. Coulson turns himself over to Rena and Ace goes with Mike. Mike hands Ace over to Skye and runs back in order to save Coulsen. An explosion occurs and we don’t see Mike, Coulson nor Rena or her super soldiers.  After the explosion clears we see a helicopter fly over, which takes shots of Ward and he is hit.

On the helicopter Coulson tells Rena that whatever she has planned isn’t going to work. Rena wants Coulson  to tell her what happened when he died.

The Bridge

The Analysis

Tie ins, Tie ins and even more tie ins! I hate the fact that this show is going to take a break for a month, but this is done so that the finale will take place to lead in Captain America: The Winter soldier. We have been teased to finally find out what really happened to Coulson. If it something that I haven’t already said then I will be surprised. I do want to know what will be the mystery about Skye’s parents and will this we answered before the finale or will they drag this on. Either way I can’t wait till January 7th.