The Breakdown

Blair and Logan are the people who took Duncan as hostage. Blair lets Duncan go to finish the job on the president, he also tells him that they have a problem but doesn’t go into what it is just yet. Duncan tells Ellen that they need to focus on the job and not the kiss that they had. Brian goes to the police station telling Duncan that he is being questioned about the limo drivers murder. Logan goes to Sandrine because she did not tell them that Duncan was going to New York. Logan tells Sandrine that if she can’t come through he will kill her. Logan gives her another chance but tells her that at the end of the mission Archer, Kramer and Duncan will die. While at the police station Burton comes to see Brian as his lawyer, Brian tells him that he will tell the police everything. Burton then shows Brian the picture of Ellen and Duncan kissing.

The Cost of Living

After Brian sees the photo he doesn’t tell the police anything. However when he gets home he wants Morgan to get one of her friends phones so that he can call someone. Brian confronts Ellen about the kiss and she admits that it did happen. Sandrine meets with Logan to pick up the hardware that she needs to attach to her teams cars so that Logan can kill them after the mission is over. Archer is watching their meeting without them noticing,

Archer tells Duncan about the meeting between Sandrine and Logan. Duncan has Sandrine and Kramer go on a fake mission to see if she will tell Logan. Sandrine has put one of the bombs at the bottom of Kramer’s car. Duncan has told Kramer not to trust Sandrine but Kramer doesn’t believe Duncan.

The Cost of Living

Morgan finally gets Brian the phone he needs. Brian is trying to sneak around the house to make a call but Archer is following him so Brian can’t make the call. Sandrine has gone missing and Archer can not find her. Sandrine is actually placing the bomb on Archers car while he is looking for her. Duncan is trying to get Jack Cahill (the new secret service agent assigned to President Kincaid) arrested. Brian finally gets Archer off his back in order to make the call. Brian calls Nina (Duncan’s wife) and tells her that Duncan is holding her hostage.

Brian tells Nina everything that Duncan is doing and also that the president is her father. Vanessa is flipping on Blair because the Vice President wants her to be his running mate instead of Blair. The cop that Duncan sent to arrest Cahill ends up getting in an altercation with Cahill and the cop was shot and killed. Blair thinks that this is a win. Blair also tells Duncan about the fake mission he sent Sandrine on, Duncan knows Sandrine flipped. Nina calls Duncan to the hospital to ask him about the phone call she had with Brian. She asks him if it is true.

The Cost of Living

The Analyst 

It seems as if everything Duncan does gets turned inside out. The Angela fiasco, Morgans boyfriend and now his friend (the cop) getting shot. I’ve heard about collateral damage but this is ridiculous. Well, 3 more episodes to the shocking conclusion we’ve all been waiting for! yay!