The WWE held their yearly Slammy Awards on this week’s WWE Monday Night Raw, giving out awards to the year’s best performers. Check out what happened and who won awards on this week’s WWE Monday Night Raw recap.


WWE Monday Night Raw opens with a match as Daniel Bryan and Fandango battle. The match was a pretty mice longer match. The match between the two was pretty good and the crowd was big time into Daniel Bryan since they are in his home town of Seattle. Bryan won with his running knee strike.

WWE Monday Night Raw WWE Monday Night Raw

Bray Wyatt pops up on the screen and tells Bryan that his patience is growing short and he needs to know if Bryan will join the Wyatt Family. When the promo ends, Bryan chants “NO” with the crowd.

The first wrestlers to come out to award a Slammy Award was the New Age Outlaws, dressed in the same Dumb and Dumber suits that Kazarian and Christopher Daniels already wore on TNA Impact Wrestling a couple of months ago. They are giving out the “LOL” award and The Rock wins for making fun of Vickie Guerrero in a song.

WWE Monday Night Raw

Up next is Damien Sandow battling Santino Marella with Big E Langston on commentary. Sandow beats Santino pretty easily and then he and Big E standoff in the ring as they battle at the “TLC” PPV for Langston’s IC title on Sunday.

Up next is the “Double Cross of the Year” award and The Shield (in suits) presents the award to Shawn Michaels for turning on Daniel Bryan. HBK makes a joke about double crossing people his entire career and never getting recognized until five years after his retirement.

WWE Monday Night Raw

Kofi Kingston and The Miz continued their feud in the next match and The Miz won, this time by cheating by holding Kingston’s tights. This cased Kingston to hit the Trouble in Paradise after the match for revenge.

Eve Torres comes out next and presents the DIVA of the year award to The Bella Twins.

In an eight man tag team match, Rey Mysterio, Big Show, Goldust and Cody Rhodes beat The Real Americans, Jack Swagger and Curtis Axel when Mysterio pinned Axel.

WWE Monday Night Raw

Shawn Michaels is back out to present the Superstar of the Year award and the contestants are Brock Lesnar, CM Punk, Big Show, Daniel Bryan, Randy Orton, John Cena and AJ Lee. The winner is Daniel Bryan – and this is going to be a big moment – only that it didn’t. Michaels didn’t want to let go of the award and then raced off and then Bryan said he wouldn’t be here without HBK, but also would be champion if not for Michaels. He then promised a bigger 2014.

Sin Cara beat Alberto Del Rio for the second straight time in the next match. As a reminder, this is a new Sin Cara, played by Hunico.

WWE Monday Night Raw

The Prime Time Players come out next and give the “Fan Participation” award to Daniel Bryan for the “YES” chant.

Up next, Brodus Clay beat Xavier Woods in a squash match. After the match, he beat up Woods some more before Tensai and R-Truth pulled him off. The Funkadactyls looked unhappy.

Up next was the “Best Insult of the Year,” and while I feel AJ Lee should have won for her pipebomb, the fans voted for Stephanie McMahon insulting and firing Big Show.

The next match was an amazing one-on-one match between CM Punk and Dean Ambrose. This match was just fantastic, with both men looking great. The ending was interesting too, since Ambrose has been pretty arrogant lately and told his Shield partners that he could handle it. When he wanted their help, they turned their backs on him and Punk hit the GTS for the win. After the match, Roman Reigns speared Punk out of his boots.

WWE Monday Night Raw

Mick Foley came out next to introduce the Extreme Moment award, which went to CM Punk for beating up Paul Heyman on top of the Hell in a Cell.

The Wyatt Family took on the Usos in the next match. The Usos got a lot of offense in this match but The Wyatt Family looked huge in the final moments of the match as Erick Rowan tossed one Uso into the announcer’s table and then Luke Harper hit a HUGE clothesline on the other for the win.

Bret Hart came out next to award the WWE Match of the Year and the winner was John Cena vs. The Rock.

Natalya took on Tamina Snuka in the next match and won by submission with the Sharpshooter.

WWE Monday Night Raw

Triple H and Stephanie McMahon came out next for “The Ascension.” All the former WWE and world champions came to the ring as well. Stephanie made sure to point out that the best of the group was her husband Triple H. While Triple H was talking, the fans all started chanting Daniel Bryan until Triple H couldn’t talk anymore. Triple H then brought out Randy Orton and John Cena.

WWE Monday Night Raw then had one of the best endings I have seen in a while. John Cena cut a fantastic promo against Randy Orton, pulling out a lot of truth about Orton’s problems in and out of the ring and it might have been Cena’s best promo in a long time. The two then shook hands at the end but Orton took a cheap shot. All the former champions separated them.

In the corner that Orton was in, CM Punk got in his face and Orton shoved him. Punk started beating the hell out of Orton until Triple H grabbed Punk and threw him to the ground. That caused Punk to spin Triple H around and knock him on his butt. As a result, Shawn Michaels came to his buddy’s aid again and hit Sweet Chin Music on Punk, which brought in Daniel Bryan to take out HBK. Orton then charged Bryan, but Daniel sidestepped and Orton knocked out Stephanie McMahon. That caused Triple H to flip out and hit the Pedigree on Orton. Orton then came to in time to see John Cena, Kane and Triple H helping up Stephanie as the show ended.

WWE Monday Night Raw


The Slammy Awards was kind of crap, but there were some really high points on the show. The opening match was above average but the Dean Ambrose vs. CM Punk match was just fantastic. Then, the final promo just sealed the deal and made the TLC PPV the first must-see pay-per-view in a long time. That was a great ending and a fantastic build to the weekend’s match. Honestly, watch the Punk vs. Ambrose match and the final promo and you will leave happy.