According to Bleeding Cool, DC Comics along with Warner Brothers is developing treatments for several low budget DC Comics movies to be released, with two hitting theaters each year and production possibly starting in 2014.

With David S. Goyer attached, some of the titles mentioned include Suicide SquadBooster GoldDeathstroke, Team 7 and others. These are not final and production could stall at any time, but the prospects are positive.

While most superhero movies now cost upwards of $100 million, the ballpark budget for getting these films made would be anywhere between $20-$40 million.

“The first thing that comes to mind is how DC will manage to pull this off considering their reputation for under delivering over the last couple of years?” -Geek Shizzle

Fan feedback is positive for the most part, with many commenting on how this move could help expand the Man of Steel universe and solidify a franchise that has been, for many years, teetering on the brink of existence.

According to, by introducing “mid-range” characters, DC Comics movies can expand its multi-character universe in the medium, allowing it the leverage needed to adequately compete with Marvel.

The brand that for so long was ahead of Marvel on the movie front, somehow, some way, managed to fall behind in the past decade and so this announcement is a welcome one to many DC fans (like myself).

DC is long overdue for an influx of quality superhero content and I believe Goyer is fully capable of turning them around.