The Breakdown

We pick up where me left off as Garrick is about to shoot Dembe.

Dembe is not dead, or even shot. The bullet we heard was from agent Aram (the agent getting the communications back up, which he has succeeded at) shooting one of Garrick’s men. The rest of Garrick’s men find Lizzie and Aram. Garrick places Lizzie on the floor and is about to shoot her. Red puts a gun to Ressler’s head in order to give up the code. Cooper tells Ressler “not to give up the code”. Tom calls Lizzie and Garrick picks up the phone. Lizzie screams to Tom to call the FBI. Ressler tells Red the code is Romeo. The code is entered and Garrick gets Red in his custody.

Garrick and his men make a break for an exit they have blown underground. As they are leaving Ressler shoots one of Garrick’s men and all hell breaks loose. Cooper calls for them to seal the perimeter and Dembe chases after Garrick, his men, Lizzie and Red who are in an ambulance. Garrick has a woman search for the chip in Red’s neck. Red whispers to Lizzie the Emissary hotel in Chicago, Mr Kaplan. A car hits the ambulance and Lizzie is about to escape. She runs to a car and has the driver follow the ambulance. Lizzie calls Aram on the cell phone and Aram relays the location of the ambulance. When Lizzie finally gets to the spot, she finds out the chip has already been taken out of Red’s neck and they have no idea where he is.


One of Cooper superiors shut down the blacklist project and has everyone working on it pulled from the project. The plan is to act as if it never happened. She suspects there is a mole. Lizzie asks Aram to find out how Garrick knew Red was at the post office (the building the FBI operates in) and who is the mole. Garrick has Red hanging in a torture position and is trying to find out why he gave his criminal life up for Lizzie, Red is not talking. Lizzie gets home and Tom is trying to get her to quit her job. She is hesitant to give him an answer.

Lizzie then calls the Emissary hotel and asks for Mr. Kaplan, the woman who answers says he is unavailable and can he contact her at this number, Lizzie says yes. As Tom is still trying to find out what happened. Lizzie gets a text from Mr. Kaplan telling her to call him. She does not reply. Aram calls Lizzie and she takes the call. Aram has not found the mole but has found that someone has been calling the same number with a burner phone. He has the address, which is across the street from Lizzie. (Our apple eating fellow)


Lizzie goes to the house across the street and finds it just about empty except for the computers and monitors showing a feed of her home. Garrick has a doctor injecting Red with something that will make him feel pain more than normal. Garrick tells Red that he is just a middle man. Garrick is working for someone else and is just doing as he was paid to do. Our apple eating fellow finds Lizzie and attacks her. Lizzie fights him off and reaches in his pocket to get his cell phone. She dials the last number called and finds Agent Cooper answers (Cooper is the mole???). Lizzie doesn’t say anything, she hangs up and calls Mr. Kaplan back.

Shortly after a woman arrives (who is Kaplan) she is there to clean up the scene. Lizzie tells Kaplan she doesn’t want to do anything “not by the book”. Kaplan tells her that she is there for 2 reasons. To keep Lizzie safe and to find her employer. Kaplan states that she intends to do both. Red is still with Garrick, barley holding on by a thread. Garrick tells the doctor to hit Red again with the drug because he isn’t responding the way Garrick expected him to. The doctor tells Garrick that Red could die. Red blows a kiss at Garrick and Garrick orders the doc to inject Red again.


Kaplan finished her clean up of the apple eating man. She tries to match his face with facial recognition software and there is no match found. Lizzie is in the car of the apple eating guy and takes a pic of the plates and his GPS info. She shares this with Kaplan and they find an address that Red may be at. Tom is peeping out of the window, watching Lizzie and Kaplan. When they arrive Lizzie is about to call for backup when Kaplan points to Dembe and a bunch of militia men. They enter the building and wipe out a ton of people. They then search around and do not find Red. The doctor finally says that Red is ready and Garrick hands him off to another guy, Crowley. (played by Alan Alda) This guy knows Red and hasn’t seen him in 20 years.

Cooper and the rest of the FBI are at the site with Lizzie. Cooper is getting on her case about being in an unauthorized mission without his knowledge. As Cooper is giving Lizzie this tongue lashing, Aram brings something to Cooper’s attention. This site was set up to spy on the FBI and the black-site. The tech that was used is far beyond anything the FBI has. Diane (the person who gave Cooper the order to shut down the site) was also being watched by whoever is in control of this site. The man now speaking to Red (Crowley) is trying to figure out what his game is with the FBI. He tells Red over and over again how he could have killed him, there no where he can run to escape him and the lizard people that he works for. (He didn’t actually say the lizard people but you get where I’m going with this).


His main goal is to find out if Red is spilling secrets about him and whatever organization he represents. (However he never says who he is with) Red is persistent that he has not spoke a word about Crowley and his “people”. Red claims the deal that he and Crowley have are still in tact. Malik and Lizzie are going over evidence that was collected from other agencies but they can’t make head nor tails out of it. All the important information was redacted. Lizzie stumbles across one file that was a former black-site located in Baltimore. This site is supposed to be a church. (Lizzie also came across this address on the GPS of the apple eating man’s car.)

Malik informs Lizzie that the ambulance that transported her and Red were found a few blocks away from there. Lizzie is sure this is where Red is. Cooper asks Diane if they can proceed or not. Diane gives them the green light. Garrick wants to kill Red and Crowley tells him that he cannot because Red may have a plan in motion that will bring to light whatever secrets the lizard people are trying to keep. Garrick feels that Crowley isn’t holding up to his part of the deal. Garrick goes to Red and threatens to kill Lizzie as he cannot kill Red. Garrick gets a little too close to Red and Red is able to kill Garrick. When the FBI arrives they find Garrick’s body, but Red is no where in sight. Lizzie knows that Red was here.


Cooper tells Diane that the blood match was to Red and he was indeed in the church. Diane orders Cooper to find Red. Cooper is stunned because he thought that they were off of the case. Diane claims that as long as someone is hunting Red. Someone is hunting the FBI, therefore Red is the only name on the blacklist and he needs to be found. Ressler is out of surgery and an old girlfriend visits him. Tom has convinced Lizzie to leave her job and get out of town. It appears she has agreed as she is packing up.

While touching an old teddy bear, she gets a call. It’s Red, he tells her that if she ever needs him he will be there. She is trying to find out where he is but he doesn’t say. She asks him one more question, she tells him that her Dad raised her on his own but she knows that the man she called her father wasn’t her paternal father. She asks Red is he her dad. After a long pause Red says no. Red then tells her btw watch out for Tom once again. Red then hangs up and walks on his way.

The Analyst 

More Questions than answers. The only thing we know for SURE, is that Malik always seems to save the day. Even if she’s only in an episode for 2.5 minutes. She unraveled the whole entire case…just by sitting there, she’s amazing. Now finally Lizzie came out and asked Red “are you my daddy”, but I am not sure if I believe him. I mean this is the same guy that in the pilot told us. That of course they shouldn’t believe him he’s a criminal. I hate to say it like this but I have the idea that the writers of this show don’t even know (or have in mind IF Red is Lizzie’s dad or not.) I keep thinking about the Spader interview, when he stated he hope that Red isn’t Lizzie’s father.

I also think that the writers don’t want to let their “A” list celeb down but have no idea of how they will tie in. Red’s love-white knight feeling for Lizzie into a comprehensive story line. The only thing I do hope is the when the show returns on January 13th 2014, that we don’t have 3-5 episodes of the FBI trying to find out where Red is and getting played. I mean 1, maybe 2 episodes at the most. I like when Spader is talking down the world’s most dangerous criminal every single week. Not us being reminded that Lizzie is a complete idiot as an agent. Either way see ya in January and sorry for the delay in the recap!