The Breakdown

A woman walks into a gas station and the clerk doesn’t want to help her because a friend of his named Jack Benson was hurt in an accident. As the clerk is about to harm her things in the store start hitting the clerk. The lady runs out side and the gas station explodes.

Ward is leaving Mays hotel room and trying to cover his bases so the team doesn’t know, as he is doing that May leaves.


The case the team has is with a lady that may have telekinesis. They are going to Utah to find out. When they arrive on the scene a mob is outside of Hannah Hutchinson’s house. Coulson approaches Hannah and she thinks that they are going to lock her up. A man in the mob throws a rock and a car tries to run the man over. The mob gets angrier, then May hits Hannah with the knock out gun.

Fitz and Simmons decide to prank Skye as she never went to S.H.I.E.L.D. academy and since they finished early they never got the chance to prank incoming freshmen. Coulson and May have Hannah in the chamber and are going to interrogate her to see if she is causing these occurrences. While May and Coulson are doing the interrogation Skye asks where does the name “the Calvary” come from? Fitz and Simmons give Skye this over the top story about May coming to save agents, fighting with M249’s and killing hundreds of people. Hannah tells Coulson that she is being hunted by demons.


Coulson feels that something happened at the plant she was working for. The plant had an accident and a lot of employees died. After Coulson comes out of the room, in a distance there is a shadowy figure that disappears.

Skye is telling Ward the story that Fitz told her and he keeps up with the gag but says it wasn’t hundreds it was only about 20 people. On the plane things start to move including something that Ward was looking for and an object that was glued to Coulson’s desk. In the interrogation room the bolts start coming off the door and Hannah starts freaking out. Simmons figures she is hallucinating and tells Fitz to get her more sedatives. As Fitz goes to the storage closet, the figure comes behind him.


The figure is Tobias Ford, a man that was killed in the plant accident. Simmons is inspecting the faulty part from the plant and has found it may have opened a portal. Tobias comes from behind her saying it’s a portal to hell. He then smashes the holographic images Simmons was working with. Coulson finds Simmons screaming and she tells him that someone is on the plane with them. Hannah was right. Suddenly the lights on the plane goes out and Coulson says that they are going down.

May safely lands the plane in a field, but the systems are still down. Coulson tries to send out a may-day call but Tobias breaks the antenna outside of the BUS. Fitz is trapped in a closet and breaks himself free. He feels that Simmons and Ward are playing a prank on him. Simmons and Ward finally find Fitz. Tobias comes out and attacks them. Tobias locks Fitz and Simmons in a closet and attacks Ward. Tobias is fading in and out not on his own. Ward, instead of unlocking Fitz & Simmons from the closet he goes and chases the ghost.


Skye goes to keep Hannah comfort and tells her that what is happening is not her fault. May comes and gets Skye because she is needed elsewhere. Skye is with Coulson trying to get his PC back online. Skye tells Coulson the story about May. It seems as if the story ended up being true but May did not go to rescue a team of agents she was apart of a welcome wagon that went south. Coulson said that before that incident May was a different person.

Coulson’s says May was fun, lighthearted and always pulling pranks on people. Coulson says that he hasn’t seen that part of May since. Tobias comes into the chambers and holds Skye hostage with a monkey-wrench. He wants them to open up the room Hannah is in or let her out. Coulson tells him it’s not that simple. May is trying to communicate to the team and Tobias is behind her. She runs away from him and goes to get Hannah off of the plane. May walks Hannah to the woods and tells her she is going to “handle this”.


May is dragging Hannah to the woods to use her as bait to get Tobias to chase her. Fitz gets Skye and Coulson out of the room they were locked in. Skye figures out that Tobias isn’t trying to haunt Hannah, he is in love with her. Fitz deploys some sort of cool yellow ball like tracking devices in order to find May and Hannah. Tobias finds May and Hannah in a barn where he and May duke it out. Hannah finally tells Tobias to stop. May agree that she will not hurt him. Tobias finally admits that he loosened a few bolts at the plant to get Hannah’s attention. Tobias did not mean to hurt anyone. Tobias was trying to protect Hannah for everyone turning on her after the incident at the plant. He feels that if he protects her he will atone for his sins. May tells Tobias to let Hannah go. And just like that he whisks away. Coulson, Ward, Fitz and Simmons find them just as Tobias is evaporating.

In the after-credits scene Fitz has fallen victim to the shaving cream while sleeping pranks. No one is fessing up to who did it. May is in the cabin of the BUS smiling.

The Analysis 

If a ghost can go in and out of a plane why can’t he go into Hannah’s compartment? I understand it’s made of of crazy-sweet materials but still Tobias was a ghost, oh well. It was good to see a little more about May but I still want more. May is by far the most interesting character on this show. I hope they expand on her past more. I would love to see how this show would do without that Marvel name. I think it’s a double edged sword. This is a excellent sci-fi show and should be held on that, not the fact that it is connected to the Avengers and superheros. Anyway, I still love all the tie in’s.