After hearing that Robert De Niro wanted to make a Taxi Driver sequel a few days ago, it comes as a great relief to hear him say he will make a movie that might not actually be horrible beyond belief.  During a press conference, he said that he will be collaborating with director Martin Scorsese once again to make another gangster movie.

While he didn’t say the name of the movie, the popular theory is The Irishman, a story about Mafia hit-man Frank “The Irishman” Sheeran, who claimed to be the killer of Jimmy Hoffa and directly involved in the Kennedy assassination.  Scorsese has been attached to direct The Irishman for some time and also has Al Pacino and Joe Pesci attached to star.  However, since Scorsese is currently attached to a handful of projects, it’s still unclear when production for The Irishman would start.

Teaming up with Scorsese again may be just what De Niro’s career needs.  For the last few years, its felt like he’s been mostly phoning it in.  He got some goodwill back when he did Silver Linings Playbook last year only to immediately give it away all over again with three straight critical duds in The Big Wedding, The Family, and Last Vegas.  He’s done most of best work with Scorsese, so hopefully another collaboration can put his career back on track and get the same brilliance from De Niro that we saw in Silver Linings Playbook.  Also, Scorsese might be able to convince him that making a Taxi Driver 2 is an incredibly terrible idea.

Should DeNiro make another gangster movie?  Can teaming up with Scorsese again revitalize his career?  Do you seriously want to see a Taxi Driver 2?  Give us your thoughts in the comment section below.

Source: Badass Digest