It is a big week for fans of graphic novels and prestige comics. Not only has The Walking Dead been renewed for another season, but AMC ordered a pilot for the Garth Ennis comic Preacher. Now, word comes that David S. Goyer has pitched a Sandman movie to Warner Bros, based on Neil Gaiman’s popular and critically acclaimed comic book storyline.

With Goyer part of two projects that made Warner Bros. billions of dollars between the Dark Knight movies and this year’s Man of Steel, this was the perfect time for the writer and sometimes director to pitch his passion project – which is bring Sandman to the big screen. Plus, he has hinted that Joseph Gordon-Levitt might be interested in being part of the film as well.

I’m not sure what Gordon-Levitt would want to do, because I just don’t see him as Morpheus/Dream in this story, but I also wouldn’t count him out and believe he can pull it off if he really wanted to.

As for a movie based on Sandman, there is way too much there in the mythology of the character for a standalone movie, so I don’t know what Goyer is thinking of adapting to make it sellable to the masses. It would work great as an HBO or Showtime fantasy series – but honestly, that is also a hard sell.

Gaiman has seen some success on the big screen with stuff like Coraline and the very underrated Stardust, but those were novels, while Sandman is a long running comic series that is just mostly mythology building. Joel Shumacher, Roger Avery and Matthew Vaughn all wanted to make the movie at one time, but it has never gotten very far.

David S. Goyer has some pull thanks to his comic book work, but I don’t know if a Sandman movie is a good idea. What are your thoughts? Chime in below.

Source: Cinema Blend