Kevin Smith said he has seen the new Batsuit from the upcoming “Batman vs. Superman” movie and that fans have nothing at all to worry about. With the Christopher Nolan movies helping erase the Joel Schumacher films from fan’s minds, the nipples on the George Clooney batsuit remain a thing of the past. Despite the reservations about Ben Affleck taking over the role of Batman, Smith said not to worry about the Batsuit, because he has seen it and it is like nothing fans have seen before.

With the new positive reinforcement about the Batsuit from Smith, here is a look at other items we know about the “Batman vs. Superman” movie that are positives despite reservations from hardcore fans.

Batman Vs. Superman News Ben Affleck will be fine as Batman

The biggest denouncement from Batman fans is that Ben Affleck is playing Batman. That just seems ridiculous. Great actors have been horrible as Batman (George Clooney), and at the end of the day, the actor needs to pull off Bruce Wayne and then put on the costume and look menacing. Affleck can pull off this role in his sleep.

People point out “Daredevil,” but that movie’s problems were not Affleck’s fault and sit at the feet of director Mark Steven Johnson. If you need more proof of that, Johnson followed up “Daredevil” with “Ghost Rider.” Meanwhile, Affleck slowly turned his career around after playing George Reeve in “Hollywoodland,” a movie about the mysterious death of Reeve, the man who at one time played Superman.

Affleck has since gone on to become an Oscar award winning director and has been turning in great acting performances along the way. This could be a chance for Affleck to put “Daredevil” behind him, but fans seem to be unwilling to cut him a break despite his recent success. He now has a chance to prove everyone wrong.

Batman Vs. Superman News Dick Grayson being in the movie is a good thing

The latest news that has fans upset is the news that Dick Grayson will appear in “Batman vs. Superman.” Most fans think about the last time Grayson was in a Batman movie, “Batman & Robin.” Even the man who played Robin, Chris O’Donnell, said the entire movie was a joke and seemed more like shooting a toy commercial than a movie. However, this news did not say Robin was going to be in the movie.

This is great news for comic book fans, although not so much for fans of Nolan’s trilogy which pretended Grayson never existed. Robin was a very important part of Batman’s life until the two had a falling out when Grayson decided to go his own way. He became the hero Nightwing as well as a police officer.

Since Batman in the movie is in his 40s, and burned out, it makes sense that he mentored Dick Grayson at one time and has since broken off his relationship with his former partner. If they are showing an older Batman, they need to acknowledge that Grayson existed.

Batman Vs. Superman News There are some great options for Lex Luthor

The original “Batman vs. Superman” casting rumors had Bryan Cranston the front runner for Lex Luthor, who will also appear in this movie. He would have been amazing in the role, however the rumors started when “Breaking Bad” was coming to a close and since then, no one has really talked much about him. Now that Zack Snyder clarified that Luthor was going to be in his movie, a new name has surfaced in “Lost” alumni Terry O’Quinn.

Both names would be perfect as Luthor, and honestly, he needs to be in the movie. While the movie is supposed to be about Superman and Batman meeting, the film has to pay some lip service to the destruction of Metropolis from “Man of Steel.” This could be done either with Bruce Wayne donating money to help rebuild it, or even better, having Luthor pay for it, paying homage to “No Man’s Land” comic book storyline and helping Luthor possibly move into a favorable public spotlight while partially demonizing Superman.

Either way, Lex Luthor is someone that has to live in the world of Superman and there is no better time to introduce him than “Batman vs. Superman.”

Source: E! Online