The Breakdown

Loose EndsDuncan and Ellen are still squaring off in Nina’s hospital room. A doctor comes in and wonders why Ellen is messing with the IV. Duncan says that he asked her to come by. They both leave the room and Ellen questions Duncan’s statement about the president “not being guilty.” Duncan tells her they will talk about it later. Brian is still in Hoffman’s office being questioned about his family being coerced into killing the president. Brian keeps his mouth shut, agent Hoffman lets him go. Kramer and Sandrine continue their love affair and commence to bone in the Sanders’ house. Agent Hoffman is skimming over Maryland Cross’ hospital documents (where Dr. Sanders works) to look for evidence of a conspiracy. Bill Jones (Duncan’s man on the inside) is in the room with agent Hoffman and they wonder why Maryland Cross’ reports are fudged with phony numbers. Bill calls Quentin to tell him that agent Hoffman is doing some digging and it will only be a matter of time until the jig is up.

Loose EndsDuncan tells Ellen that plans have changed, they have moved her surgery to the 4th floor instead of the 5th where she normally works. Ellen has to get the poison in a locker on the 4th floor by tomorrow because the floor will be locked down afterwards. In a meeting at the park Jones tells Duncan that orders have come in and Hoffman has to go.

Flashback to 6 months before. Jones meets Duncan for the first time and Jones tells Duncan that after the president flat-lines they need 5 minutes alone with him. He says that it will be hard but they will get it done. Ellen goes to the 4th floor and before putting the lipstick/ poison into the locker she takes a small bit out to have analysed.

Duncan is trying to get Hoffman to let this case go. While speaking to Hoffman, Hoffman’s phone rings and it’s his wife. He says she gets worried when we doesn’t check in several times a day. Kramer pulls Sandrine away from Archer because they have to run an errand for Duncan. While waiting for their mark Kramer’s asks what is the deal with her and Archer. She said she slept with him in the past. Kramer spots the mark and Sandrine gets out the car and comes back with a woman’s cell phone.

Loose EndsArcher goes to Jake and thanks him for sticking up for Kramer and then asks him to repeat the story he told the police. Jones meets a man in “the hood” to help with killing Hoffman. Duncan calls Hoffman saying he received a tip on Angela’s murder case and he is meeting a woman in Anacostia to listen to her story. Hoffman says he is on his way, he wants to meet with this woman too. Jones’ team of thugs in is place and it’s go time.

Blair gets a call from Quentin telling him that their problem will be gone soon. Blair is in bed with Vanessa and Blair relays the message to her. Vanessa wonders is taking out Hoffman necessary. Blair assures her that it is. Hoffman is at the place where he is supposed to meet Duncan. Hoffman stands on the corner as the team of thugs is about to drive up in order to shoot him. A truck comes up to the store and blocks the men’s view of Hoffman. Jones and Duncan are watching this unfold so Jones tells Duncan call Hoffman to keep him there. After Hoffman gets off the phone with Duncan, a calls comes through seeming to be from his wife. The person on the other end says his wife is at the hospital and he needs to get there right away. Sandrine is the person on the other end of the phone. One of the thugs gets out the car with a baseball bat in hand. He tells the truck driver to move. It does so, however the truck is being driven by Kramer.

Loose EndsEllen’s lab work has come back on the poison it seems that it is a preservative used for patients with leukemia. Ellen then goes and gets a sample of blood from the president. She tells him that she wants to check it before the surgery to test for clots. The presidents personal doctor is there and takes the blood saying that all of the president’s blood is sent to the naval center when test are done. He also takes all of the waste, however Ellen takes a piece of tubing that still has some excess blood in it.

Blair and Quentin meet with the president about who to throw under the bus for the OTI project. During the meeting Jones calls Quentin and tells him that the plan didn’t work and Hoffman is still alive. Back at his office Quentin gets a call from Hoffman’s office to have an interview. Quentin sets it up for tomorrow. Hoffman takes a call in his office from someone wanting to meet. In a parking garage Hoffman is waiting, he is meeting Quentin.

Loose EndsQuentin tells Hoffman that the president will be assassinated and Quentin wants a deal and 5 million in cash to flee the country. Quentin wants Hoffman to go to the attorney general to hammer out a deal. If one isn’t done by tomorrow, Quentin will leave the country on his own. At the White House dinner, Blair runs into Quentin and is extra friendly to him and tells him to “drink up”. Vanessa then runs into Quentin and tells him sorry. Quentin runs out of the room, his face turns red and he falls on the floor. Vanessa tells Blair that Quentin suffered a heart attack. Hoffman gathers some papers and is about to head to the AG’s office. He calls Jones to escort him there.

While driving Jones pulls over saying that they have a flat tire. Jones goes to the trunk. Hoffman being impatient goes to help him when Jones shoots Hoffman, takes his money and ID, leaving his body and the car on the side of the road. Ellen tells Duncan that she had the president’s blood analysed and has fond out that the president has the same rare type of leukemia that as Nina. She also learned that the president is a match to Nina because she is his daughter. Duncan tells her she is right. Ellen wonders why they just don’t ask for the president to donate bone marrow to save Nina. Duncan tells her if the president knew she was alive he’d have her killed.

The Analyst

Well due to previews we pretty much knew what this episode was about. Usually there are pieces of information that they don’t show you that makes the episode still interesting. This did not happen. Although this episode wasn’t bad, I feel like I didn’t even have to watch it in order to know what’s going on. The only thing that shocked me is that people are now dropping like flies. It also seems as if Vanessa is the sole factor of why the president is being killed. I could be wrong but who knows.