The Breakdown

The Eastbound & Down series finale starts off with a British fellow, played by Sacha Baron Cohen, on an airplane, hitting on a flight attendant by showing her his hangdang as well as his bank account. She’s all about it and waits for him in the lavatory.

Eastbound & Down series finaleKenny walks into the room, fires all of his lawyers, and asks April to rethink it, because he wants his family back. He asks for only a week, to which she agrees with. Afterward, Kenny heads to the Sports Sesh sound-stage, and apologies to everyone before being interrupted by the head of the network, Ronnie Thelman, the man from the airplane. He tells Kenny that he digs his act, and wants him to have his own show. He says he wants Kenny to have Guy Young on, his first appearance since his fall from grace.

Kenny meets up with Stevie, who’s family finally seems to respect him. Stevie tells him that his script isn’t that great, and could have used a stronger ending. After that, Kenny heads over to Guy Young’s house, where he’s drunk as all get out, in his Atlanta uniform, standing in front of a giant screen watching old episodes of Sports Sesh. Kenny offers him an olive branch, a chance to be the first guest on his new show. Guy turns it down at first, but then comes around.

Eastbound & Down series finaleApril & KP are at a school play where Toby is playing Johnny Appleseed. Kenny is ecstatic because he thinks the family is reunited, but April tells him it’s a no go. She’s afraid he’ll break her heart again. She tells him she’s moving to Santa Fe. Kenny later looks to alter the end to his screenplay, but can’t come up with the words just yet.

Before the first show, Ronnie comes in and tells Kenny that he wants him to humiliate and break Guy Young.

April is hanging out with her neighbors, Dixie & Gene, when he turns on the TV to see Kenny’s new show; Powers Hour. Despite the fact everyone wants to watch it, Dixie says no, and even does a count-down as if Gene is a child. Well, he responds by stuffing the remote down his pants, and letting her know that he isn’t picking up what she’s putting down.

Eastbound & Down series finaleKenny has Guy come out, and tells him that he isn’t getting a chance to apologize, because it’s an ambush. The people don’t want him to apologize, they want to see him humiliated. However, Kenny says, that’s not what he wants. He says he’s treated a lot of people wrong on his rise to fame, and lost everything that mattered. So, the dragon that was once KP, is now going back to sleep, until the next foolish knight awakens him. Hopefully he’ll fake his death again.

Kenny shows up at the house with the divorce papers. He tells April that he was never unhappy with her & the kids, he was unhappy with himself, because he felt he wasn’t a success. However, he realized that he was pretty successful with the family. He & April reunite, and they move to Santa Fe.

Eastbound & Down series finaleFrom that point we see how Kenny’s life ends up. His son, played by Eric Northman, graduates, his daughter, played by Lindsy Lohan, gets married. He films a movie about his life, April is shot in an alley & dies, Kenny ends up taking a futuristic flying bike to Africa, marries a woman there, has a ton of kids, and dies looking like Moses. His funeral is just like Darth Vader’s, his son, daughter, and Stevie then spread his ashes. Fade to black. Audience goes wild.

We then see it’s just Kenny putting the finishing touches on his screenplay, as he tells April he’ll be right out. Fade to black. For reals.

The Analysis

Kenny has always been one of the greatest characters ever, and I think this final episode did him justice. The season as a whole was solid, but it just wasn’t as great as the 1st and 3rd. That isn’t to say it’s bad though, as Eastbound & Down on it’s worst day whoops anything on a network every time. If I had to summarize the last 8 episodes, I’d use the phrase I always use when it comes to Eastbound & Down; “good times”. I’m Caliber Winfield, and I’m f’ning out…