The Breakdown

Tera wakes up to see that Thomas isn’t with her, and gets up in a panic. Jax is there, but is calm. He says someone will be watching her, so she won’t be able to run away. He wants to put some distance between them, and leaves with a packed bag.

Huang Wu  We get a montage of the boys rebuilding the club, Nero working on some paperwork, Clay sitting in the padded room, Wendy working off an apparent bender, and Gaelen O’Shea arriving some where. Jax stops by the school where the shooting happened, then afterward a church. Tara breaks down in her office.

Clay speaks with one of the Irish contacts in jail, and says his trial has been moved up, he’s being moved tomorrow. So Gaelen has to hop on the good foot and get his hustle on.

Tara talks with her boss, and tells her she’s looking over lawyer resumes since the other one caved. Her boss tells her about the confrontation with Gemma, and how she’s afraid. She’s got 3 weeks of vacation and is going to posse out to Sedona to hang with her sister.

Huang WuJax shows up where Nero is hanging with Collete, the new escort lady, and all the paperwork, licenses and such have been approved. This is also Jax’s new place for a few days. The boys show up with Gemma, and tell Jax that Clay needs to see her. Chibs tells Jax that Gaelen is in town, and wants to meet in 20 minutes. Before they leave, Jax tells everyone the news that he learned last night.

The guys head over to where Gaelen is situated. He tells them about Clay, and says that he can’t get a crew together that soon, and will need 6 of Jax’s men.

Tara shows up at Wendy’s, and dresses her down about telling Gemma. Wendy says she needs to tell them the truth, Jax & Gemma, about why she did what she did. Something about all of the pain she’s been in. After leaving Wendy’s, she backs up and mows down Juice’s bike.

Jax shows up to meet the Italian folk who are considering keeping their business with the Sons, and also considering going with the Chinese. Gaelen shows up, acting like he just wants to show respect, then blows away a few of the Chinese guys who show up. He then wagers with the Italians and makes a deal.

Huang WuAt the Shop, Gemma & Nero show up, and Uncer tells her about what happened with Tara, Wendy, & Juice. Uncer goes to visit Wendy, and Nero tags along.

Back at the house, Tara pulls her handgun out of the safe. As she heads to the living room, Gemma shows up. They have some words, and the whole time you’re expecting them to start shooting each other. The tension & suspense is like a Hitchcock film. Gemma tells Tara that with the way things are going, they will end up telling the boys 1 of 2 things, either mommy moved away, or passed away.

Jax calls the DA and says he’ll have Gaelen and them set up nice & pretty within 48 hours. Obviously it’s a set up in order to get a majority of cops away from the area where they plan on breaking Clay out of.

On the car ride, Uncer is a real prick to Nero, who tells him that normally people who talk to him like that get a beating. Uncer enquirers if it’s the fact he’s sick that’s getting him a reprieve.  He says he’s been dead twice, cut open 3 times, and has a kid with Spinabifida who probably won’t make it till 15. He doesn’t give a shit about his cancer, he’ll beat his old ass.

Huang WuOn the way back, the Sons encounter some pissed off Chinese folk who are hanging out of a van, spraying an AK-47 with the accuracy of some bad-guys from The A-Team, because they aren’t hitting a damn thing. Jax crashes, and the Chinese catch up. The leader tells them to relax, that if he wanted them dead, they’d be dead. What they want, is the gun business that the Sons are letting go. He also wants Gaelen. I n order to maintain honesty, he’s keeping Happy as collateral.

At the hospital, Tara confronts Juice and wants to know where Jax is. He says Diosa, and gives her the address.

Nero & Uncer show up at Wendy’s, and have to kick the door in, since she has something on the stove burning, and she’s passed out on the floor.

Gemma shows up to the pokey to meet with Clay. He’s drafted up a Letter of Intent to turn over all his assets, half of TM, the house, and what’s left in the bank, to her.

Tara shows up looking for Collette. She’s told that she’s up with a client, and goes to inspect. Upon seeing it’s Jax, she throws a fit and starts beating Collete’s ass. She then runs away with Jax following. She asks him what happened to her, and accuses him of doing this.

End of the Episode Montage

Jax picks up the kids at daycare, Tara sits in the car, puts the gun away, and grabs the phone. Gemma puts Wendy to bed at her house, which is where she’s staying now. Uncer & Nero sit in the kitchen, one enjoying pot, the other tea. Clay sits in his jail-cell. Jax puts his kids to bed. Happy hangs with his friends, eating Chinese food, watching cartoons. Jax begins reconstruction on his father’s burnt motorcycle.

Tara shows up at the DA’s office and says she’s ready to talk. However, the DA says the old deal, with wit-sec and such is off the table, since other things are pending.

The Analysis

They’re building to a hell of a crescendo. Everybody wants Gaelen, and Jax has to find a way to satisfy them all, because if any of them feel dissatisfied they can bring a storm to the Sons door. Great episode.