The Breakdown

Coulson is captured by Russians. Which seems like a ruse to get to an agent carrying Intel. It is, May and Ward get Coulson and agent Shaw out. On The BUS Simmons retrieves the Intel from Shaw’s nose. (that’s not a misprint his nose.)

The HubThe team is going back to the hub where Coulson says this mission is level 8 and they don’t have access. At the hub the team gets badges and Skye doesn’t need one because her bracelet is all she needs. While Coulson, May and Ward go to meet agent Hand. Skye tries to follow and is stuck to the door by her bracelet. Agent Hand tells Coulson that an enemy has a device that can take out jets, tanks and even missiles from the silo, Ward refers to it as the overkill device. And a 2 person team needs to retrieve it. Ward and Fitz will have to do the job.

Ward and Fitz head to bar to meet a man named Uri. Uri will sneak them across the border. Ward asks for Uri and they find out he is dead. At the hub Skye is freaking out because she doesn’t know what’s going on.(she feels they are in danger) The people who knew Uri tie Fitz and Ward up because Uri was a trader. One of the men pulls a gun out and point it at Ward suddenly the lights go out.  Skye goes to Coulson to see what’s going on with Ward and Fitz, Coulson tells her nothing. In order to get the lights on Fitz is lowered under the bar. Fitz gets the lights on and the people now trust them and agree to get them across the border. Ward and Fitz are on the back off a truck. The truck stops and series of gun shots ring out.

The HubWard waits for the gun shots to stop, then throws a flammable barrel out of the back of the truck and shoots it. The border patrol men die. Fitz and Ward find a place to hide. Skye and Simmons devise a plan to find out where Fitz and Ward are. Simmons goes to access a server room so they can get Ward and Fitz location.  Agent Sitwell asks Simmons does she have access to that room.  Simmons freaks and pulls out the knock out gun and shoots him. Simmons runs back to Skye and Skye tells Simmons to get May because this was an honest mistake. Skye accesses the S.H.I.E.L.D. server and gets side tracked seeing a redacted document file location.

She starts to look for information on parent’s and notices that her time is running low and looks for Ward and Fitz’ file with their location. Coulson spots her and tells her that he said he would look into her parent’s file.  Skye tells him she’s looking for Fitz and Ward. Skye has found out that there isn’t an extraction team for Ward and Fitz. Skye wonders why S.H.I.E.L.D. has them on a suicide mission.

The HubCoulson nails Skye for hacking the server. As the conversation draws to a close Skye asks Coulson did he know there wasn’t an extraction plan. He says that is classified. Ward and Fitz go into the building where this overkill device is. Fitz puts a device on the wall that let’s him see who is inside the building. While telling Ward he sees 2 guys as guards, then sees a third guy. Ward knocks the 2 guards out. Coulson goes to agent Hand and wants to know why there’s isn’t an extraction plan.  She tells him that Fitz wouldn’t be able to handle that information. Ward and Fitz are at the overkill device and Fitz is dismantling it when Ward tells him that there isn’t a extraction plan and to leave ahead of him.

Fitz tells him no and wants to prove he’s as good as Ward in the field and that he isn’t going anywhere. The device is disabled and an alarm sounds.  May, Simmons and Skye are going get Fitz and Ward.  Skye is wondering if they have enough people for extraction. Coulson says he is in so they have four.

The HubFitz takes out the working component to the overkill device. They hear a big boom and Wards tells Fitz that it may be S.H.I.E.L.D. and this compound will be coming down soon. Evil doers come in to attack Ward. Fitz uses a piece of the overkill device he took out to shoot and dismantle their weapons and Ward finishes them off. Ward and Fitz go outside where the BUS is overhead to extract them. Coulson goes to Skye’s bunk and she says that she is sorry for hacking the server. Coulson says that’s not why he came by. He looked into her parents. The redacted file just said that a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent dropped Skye off at the orphanage and it was a woman. There wasn’t anymore information.

Coulson goes into his office with May. May asks what did he tell Skye. Coulson says “the truth” but he didn’t tell her why Skye was dropped off by the S.H.I.E.L.D. agent. Coulson also asks May will she help him find out what else happened with Skye and her parents. She says sure. May is looking at the file from S.H.I.E.L.D.  and we see a murdered woman.

The HubIn the post credits scene Coulson is trying to get access to the file of what happened to him. The person on the phone says he doesn’t have access. Coulson says he is a level 8 and he should have access. The person on the phone says he doesn’t and would he like to submit a request to director Fury. Coulson says no and hangs up.

The Analyst

So Skye parents, or at least her mom was murdered. But we have no idea who or why. Was Skye’s mom a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent herself? I guess that fact that S.H.I.E.L.D. took an interest in this matter and Skye was taken to an orphanage suggest her mom or dad were connected with S.H.I.E.L.D. or Skye has super powers, I suggest the former.

The HubThis was a fair episode. I see that the writers are going to go more into Skye’s past as the series go on. However I am interesting more in agent May especially after the last episode when she was speaking to Coulson about dying. Now in the comic if I remember correctly May died and was a LMD. (Life Model decoy) however in the Marvel cinematic universe things change (like Tony Stark building Ultron) and I wonder is she a decoy in this series.

Now if I haven’t addressed Coulson yet. I will now because I see a lot of people asking what’s up with Phil Couslon? Couslon is a Life Model Decoy. Sometime in the series they will explain it but any of us who read the comics know that LMD are very high tech even coming with the memories of the person they are supposed to be. May knows this about Couslon but can never tell him.