Before Thor: The Dark World rocked its way into theaters, there was rumors about what the Thor: The Dark World post credit scenes would be about. We at Renegade Cinema let you in on what to expect before the movie hit, but now let’s talk about those scenes.

When we broke the news about the scenes, we mentioned that director Alan Taylor basically threw the mid-credit scene (the best of the two) under the bus and said he was happy to disown that one. It was a caddy remark that he probably didn’t mean to come across as caddy. It sounds like he might have realized that because he has apologized for his remarks.

And director James Gunn accepted the apology and also offered up some juicy details about the shooting of that scene as well.

“Alan has apologized profusely both personally to me and to the press. He’s a good guy,” Gunn explained. “It was shot in two hours at the end of a 2nd unit day. We had just gotten the script (not by me). We thought it was more important to give people a link to Guardians, but weren’t able to do it until the last minute.”

Well, here is what happened in that scene and a description for non-comic book fans about what it means.

Thir: The Dark World post-creditThe scene saw Sif and Volstagg taking the Aether to a character known as The Collector (Benicio Del Toro). They explained that they don’t want to keep it close to the Tesseract, which was already in Odin’s vault. Earlier in the movie, Odin explained that these were two Infinity Stones. When Sif and Volstagg left, The Collector muttered, two down, four to go.

Comic book fans geeked big time when that happened while non-comic book readers turned to their friends and asked what it meant. Here is what it means – and also what some actual comic book fans may be confused about.

The Infinity Stones are similar to the Infinity Gems from the comics. In the comics, they are actually colored gems and when all placed in the glove known as the Infinity Gauntlet, they give the person controlling it infinite power to rule the universe. That is why they need to remain separated.

Thanos – the alien we saw at the end of The Avengers – is the character in the comics who wants the Infinity Gauntlet more than anyone else. That ties this Thor: The Dark World post credit scene in with The Avengers. It also ties it into Guardians of the Galaxy, which explains James Gunn shooting it, because The Collector is part of that movie.

Now, one thing that is unclear and a lot of fans and online writers might be wrong about, is that they are claiming that The Collector is putting them together for Thanos – basically working for him. I believe that is a misconception. The Collector is a “villain” only in the small sense of the word.

The Collector is an Eternal who lost his wife and began collecting rare and valuable things as a hobby. That hobby became an infatuation and now he wants to collect one of everything that is rare, valuable and possibly on the edge of extinction – both living and inanimate objects. Honestly, there is a chance that The Collector is not working for Thanos, but is instead just interested in collecting the Infinity Stones – valuable and very rare and powerful objects – for his collection.

Kevin Feige said that the story of the Infinity Stones will continue in Guardians of the Galaxy and continue on through Phase 3. That means that the Thor: The Dark World post-credit sequence might have just revealed the end game that many comic fans already guessed. The Infinity Gauntlet storyline is underway.