In this week’s The Walking Dead, entitled Internment, Rick and others fended off walkers who found a way in and residents with the illness take turns for the worse.

The Breakdown


This week on The Walking Dead, Rick arrived back from his trip with Carol only to have to answer to Maggie about where Carol went. Maggie seemed to agree with Rick’s choice to banish Carol from the group.

Hershel, Glenn, and Sasha helped one of the sick with a breathing tube. They all had to keep an eye on him and continue to help him breathe to stay comfortable. Unfortunately he, along with many of the others who had been sick, was not lucky enough to make it through the day while the group awaited medicine.

Outside Rick tried to help Maggie reinforce the fence which was becoming progressively worse. There was a hoard of walkers gathered around the weak part of the fence and more continued to come.


Hershel had not been in a situation yet to stab one of the sick who had died and turned. But, he made sure that whenever someone did pass that they took the body to another part of the area where the others could not see. So far, only Sasha and Glenn had stabbed the dead to keep them from turning.

Soon one of the residents died and turned into a walker before anyone could stab them in the head. They went unnoticed and bit one of the living. Things soon escalated and walkers were everywhere inside the sick area of the prison. Hershel did his best to fend them off without getting bit.

Rick and Maggie heard a gunshot from inside and Maggie ran in to see what happened. She fought her way into the sick area in time to help Hershel take down the walkers. Maggie and Hershel then found Glenn coughing up blood and choking on the floor of one of the cells. They were able to get the breathing tube inserted and Hershel was able to rest.


Meanwhile, the walkers outside made their way through the weak part of the fence and inside the compound. Rick allowed Carl to help him and the two loaded up weapons and rid the prison yard of many, many walkers.

Once everything was stable inside, Hershel went outside for some fresh air and ran into Daryl who had just returned from his trip. Daryl asked Hershel where Carol was and Hershel told him to speak to Rick. Hershel told Daryl that Carol was fine but that he needed to talk to Rick about her.

The episode ended with a familiar face outside the prison compound looking in – it was the Governor.

The Analysis


Internment was another dramatic episode of The Walking Dead. The sickness certainly spread quicker once again and when Hershel was up against all of those walkers, I really thought that he was going to end up bitten by one. Surprise – Hershel is fine and I am glad for that. However, I am still worried about Glenn.

One thing that disappointed me about this episode was that Daryl did not find out about Carol. When Hershel told Daryl to go talk to Rick, I checked the clock and figured there would not be enough time – I was right.

Something to note about this week’s episode was Lizzie luring the walker away from Glenn. I have a feeling that this will come into play down the road. Do you agree?

What did surprise me this week was again, the ending. I did not expect to see The Governor standing outside the prison. With this in mind and the impending conversation between Rick and Daryl, I am really looking forward to next week’s episode.

What do you think of the Governor’s return on The Walking Dead? Let us know your thoughts!