When Robert Rodriguez finally got the Sin City sequel underway, people figured that it being titled Sin City: A Dame To Kill For was a given (since that’s the name of the Frank Miller comic it’s based on).  However, it appears that may not be the case.  In some recently leaked poster artwork for the upcoming film, the title is instead shown to be Sin City: A Dame To Die For.

So why would Rodriguez make such a seemingly pointless name change?  I don’t have the slightest idea.  There doesn’t really seem to be any logical reason to do this and if anything it seems like it would cause some confusion.  This whole thing just reeks of one of those decisions a studio makes because some focus group told them it was more marketable somehow.

Of course, even if this turns out to be true (Dimension Films has yet to officially verify the story), at the end of the day it probably won’t bother me that much.  As long as I get to see Mickey Rourke kick butt as Marv again, I don’t think I’ll give a crap what the title is.

Do you care about the new title for the Sin City sequel?  Do you think there’s a different reason for the change besides marketing?  Give us your thoughts in the comments section below

Source: Comic Book Movie