When World War Z was delayed a major reshoots ordered for the end, everyone freaked out and thought it was going to be a horrible movie. It turned out to be a really fun movie and the reshoots actually helped it. When Thor: The Dark World reshoots were announced, everyone thought Alan Taylor was screwing up and the movie was in danger.

Check out my Thor: The Dark World review and you will see those fears were unjustified as well.

So, the question remains: what were the Thor: The Dark World reshoots all about? Well, according to Taylor, it was mostly to add more Loki – a brilliant decision because Tom Hiddleston once again steals this movie.

It’s my experience with the Marvel process they save a portion of the budget for this and what we were basically doing,” Taylor said.  “A lot of it was getting more Loki stuff, because we realized how successful he was in the movie, so we sort of “Loki-ed it up” a little bit.”

One of my favorite comedic scenes in the movie – one where a special cameo appears – was one of the scenes added in reshoots. Another was the scene with Loki and Odin to bridge the movie from The Avengers. Basically, they were just adding more Loki-goodness.

Also brought in late in the project was Joss Whedon to do some of his magical script doctoring. There are few better at that job, but what did he do during the Thor: The Dark World reshoots?

The thing he was brought in to help with was not a comedy scene, it was an emotional scene between Thor and Jane. I think he also did a pass with one of my favorite scenes, Thor and Loki talking in the Asgardian skiff at night when the brothers actually have time together to talk. That was one of my favorite scenes and I think he had a pass on that.

Trust me on this: the Thor: The Dark World reshoots did nothing to hurt the movie, and looking at the scenes that it changed, it only added goodness to an already fun movie. Its time to stop pretending that touching up a movie in post is a bad thing.

Source: Slash Film