So, Latino Review is at it again. It seems like whenever there are comic book movie scoops, they are normally the ones pulling them out.  A lot of times they are right on and other times they piss off Marvel. Well, this new one is for Batman vs. Superman and they are claiming that Dick Grayson will appear in the movie.

Everyone who remembers Batman & Robin are freaking out right now. Those people can join the ones still freaking out over Ben Affleck playing Batman in their little rubber rooms.

Here is how Dick Grayson is described in the alleged script leak: “tall, lanky, powerful, intimidating.” That isn’t the sound of a Robin in short pants. And here is why Dick Grayson NEEDS to be in the Batman vs. Superman world.

The Batman in this movie is in his 40s. He is older, tired and war weary. He has been fighting crime for years in Gotham City. Everyone knows that Batman trained Robin, the two were partners for years, Robin grew up and wanted to be his own man, the two had a falling out and Robin became Nightwing and a cop.

I understand that a lot of Chris Nolan fans want the new Batman to be just like the one in the Dark Knight universe – and in that world there was no Dick Grayson. I don’t want it to be that Batman because that story has already been told and it is time to move on. I want the new Batman to be familiar to the one in the comics.

If they follow any of his comic book history at all – there has to be a Dick Grayson in Batman’s past. I don’t care if he is Nightwing or a cop, but he needs to exist in Batman’s world. And, I lied. I do want him to be Nightwing – but not necessarily in this movie.

Forget about Chris O’Donnell and forget about the character of Robin. Just read Nightwing comics and you will see how fantastic this character is and how he could really bring something special to this world. I don’t want Batman vs. Superman to be so full of characters that it weighs the story down, but they could make this work – maybe have Dick tell Superman a bit about Batman – a way for Supes to learn more and understand the goodness of Batman amongst the fear that he spreads.

It can work. Dick Grayson in a Batman movie is NOT a bad thing. Just give it a chance.

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