One of the best Stephen King adaptations of the last decade was the ghost movie 1408. In that movie, Cusack starred as a haunted house debunker who went to a hotel that was actually haunted and ended up fighting for his sanity and his life. Samuel L. Jackson co-starred in the movie as the hotel manager who wasn’t really there to help at all. News broke today that the two of them will co-star in another Stephen King adaptation – this one based on Cell.

1408 was just a fantastic ghost story where the malevolent spirits used the fact that Cusack’s character’s child died against him. It was atmospheric and scary. Cell is a different beast. Eli Roth originally wanted to direct this, so that should tell you everything you need to know.

Cell is about a virus spread through technology – specifically mobile phones – that turns the victims into raged berserkers (kind of like 28 Days Later). Kip Williams (Paranormal Activity) will direct based on a script co-written by Stephen King. Cusack will star as Clayton Riddell, a graphic novel artist trying to survive this new apocalypse.

Jackson might play Tom, a middle aged man who joins Clay on his road trip to find his family. The only other idea is that he dons old person makeup (like Django Unchained) and plays an elderly teacher. I’m betting on Tom.

Have you read Cell? Do you think this Stephen King adaptation is one that will work? Chime in below.

Also, check out the new concept art:

Stephen King adaptation

Stephen King adaptation

Stephen King adaptation

Source:  Variety