Greetings. Allow me to apologize to those who may have been waiting for this one. Life got in the way and I didn’t have the time to get this bad-boy going until now. Again, my apologies, and I don’t foresee this happening again. But if it does, well, read one of my True Blood recaps and imagine it’s Sons of Anarchy and Kurt Sutter up and lost his mind. Now…

 The Breakdown

We start off with Jax making some tea for Tara, who’s busy faking being run down from the miscarriage.

Los FantasmasAt the station, Gemma is in talks with Roosevelt, who tells her that she needs her statement. She says it doesn’t matter, because she’s the dirty biker whore with a record, and the good DR is clean. She does end up giving her side of the story, and even saying she believes that Tara was never pregnant.

Wendy appears to be buying some illicit substance, what that is though is yet to be seen.

Jax arrives at the new clubhouse, and learns of the press talking about the Sons & Biz-Lats being tied to the shooting.

Los FantasmasNero is in talks with the DA, and wants to know if he’ll take the deal. She tells him that the cops will be all over Biz-Lat territory, and may pick up a member who doesn’t have the same loyalty as Nero.

Uncer shows up at Jax’s house to talk to Tara in hopes of getting her to not press charges against Gemma. He also tells her that he can’t help her anymore.

At the Clubhouse they have chapel, and talk about a few pieces of business.

Uncer shows up at Roosevelt’s office, and eventually he asks Uncer what he would have done. He says he would have just let the family sort things out themselves. He also says that the MC is part of the foundation of Charming.

Los FantasmasThe boys meet up with members of the Biz-Lat crew, who tell Jax that 3 guys are missing, others are spooked, and they’ve got a rival gang pressing up on them. Just then, a car comes roaring out of no where and splatters one of the Biz-Lats like Emil from RoboCop. The car came close to Juice, and he didn’t even flinch. Seems to me like he has a bit of a death wish.

Uncer picks up Gemma, and they have themselves a bit of a chat. He tells her that bad-history is what drives her, and that her control over them and her family is unhealthy. He says she has two roads to take, one will be uncomfortable, but will lead back to the boys. The other road, she’s on now.

Los FantasmasTara speaks with her lawyer, who also doesn’t seem pleased at her actions. Once she leaves, Tara heads to the bathroom and begins to cry, only to look in the mirror and tell herself to “stop it”.

Barosky shows up at the DA, who tells hi, what she wants to know, which is why the Biz-Lat was killed, and who he was. She threatens him with the possibility of all of his cop friend’s jurisdictions becoming Sheriff’s.

Jax shows up at home to find it empty. Then receives a call from Barosky who tells him about the meet he just had with the DA. Jax promises to find out what he can. As he goes to leave, he finds Wendy on his front porch. They have a small discussion about what they both want for Abel, which is nothing more than to grow up without hate in his heart.

Nero speaks with the DA, and says he’s the one who bought the KG-9, not the Sons. For his confession, he wants his son in the best care possible.

Tara shows up at the clubhouse looking for Jax, who obviously isn’t there. She talks with Bobby, and asks if it’s possible to move the club into legit business. He tells her that Jax needs her. That he doesn’t stand a chance without Tera.

Los FantasmasThe Biz-Lats & the Sons find out where the hit & run driver is, and decide whats to be done. Jax says the best move is give the info to Barosky, so he can feed it to the DA.

Roosevelt gave the DA the report that says the Marshall killed the girl, not Nero. She still won’t cut him loose, saying he confessed to the KG9 deal. This is a bother to Roosevelt, since she leveraged a confession on a bogus murder rap

The Biz-Lats storm the hit & run guy’s house, only to find he’s the father of a child who was killed at the school shooting. The police show up, and the guy promptly sticks a knife in his own neck, quickly bleeding out.

Gemma shows up at Wendy’s and they have a chit-chat. She tells her to confess to the whole ordeal, because she backed the wrong horse. Wendy asks why? And Gemma simply says she’ll make sure Jax doesn’t kill her. Wendy then gives her back the gun she gave her earlier. She tries to get Gemma to take the meth as well, but she says that’s her own deal.

Los FantasmasJax shows up at the hospital day-care, and finds Gemma waiting for him. He doesn’t let her speak much, telling her that she’ll never see the kids again, that Grandma is dead.

The DA shows up at Nero’s place, and tells him he’s free to go. She also gives him a folder with photos of the dead-kids, to remind him of what happened, in case he ever really wants to tell the truth.

At the house, Jax asks Tara if she regrets coming back. She says no, there are some things she’d do differently, but no.

The Analysis

Tara has become quite the villain. Jax did his best to keep her away, yet she persisted. Then as things went just the way he predicted, she’s completely destroying his family. I truly don’t think Wendy will survive this, and Jax is going to be screwed up for the rest of his life in the wake of all this. Tara is doing far worse than Gemma could have ever hoped, and hell, perhaps even Clay, depending on how this all turns out. Just goes to show how creative Kurt and his crew can be when the biggest babyface on the show ends up becoming the biggest heel.