When Carrie came out, a lot of people asked what the purpose of the remake was. The original was a great movie and the remake just seemed redundant. D-Rock said as much when he mentioned that it was hard to watch the new movie because you knew what was about to happen before it did. Well, studios aren’t stopping there and a Pet Sematary remake is on the way next.

The Pet Sematary remake will be directed by Juan Carlos Fresnadillo, the same man who directed 28 Weeks Later, the lesser sequel to the tremendous 28 Days Later. Matt Greenberg and David Kajganich wrote the script. The original Stephen King adaptation was scripted by King himself.

Unlike Carrie, the original Pet Sematary was not a major critical success, and outside of King’s hardcore fanbase, it is really not a horror classic either. I thought it was a good movie, but it is something that can defiantly be improved upon in a remake. I still think the best horror remakes are of films that are not considered classics.

Greenberg also wrote Stephen King adaptation 1408, which is one of the better King efforts of the last decade, so it is in good hands there and Fresnadillo is a good director, so this is something I think I can get behind. With most King fans I have heard of being optimistic of the Carrie remake, I think a Pet Sematary remake will be a nice welcoming addition as well.

Source: AICN