For fans who can’t wait to see the original cast members return for the new adventures of the Star Wars clan, the latest news coming from Disney is very discouraging. Disney has mandated that Star Wars Episode VII will hit in 2015 – preferably in the summer – whether it is ready or not.

That is horrible news.

If Disney really wants Star Wars to join Marvel as a cash cow, they need to make sure their first outing is a smash hit – because it needs to make people want to see more. With screenwriter Michael Arndt leaving the franchise and JJ Abrams and Lawrence Kasdan starting anew, that means there is little time to get things right before they have to start shooting the movie.

Even using a lot of practical effects, the time it will take to do post on a Star Wars movie is at least a year to be done right. According to sources, producer Kathleen Kennedy, Abrams and more have asked Disney to push it back to 2016 but they refuse to budge.

Basically Star Wars Episode VII is the start of a new franchise and spin-off movies will follow. If they push off Star Wars Episode VII to 2016, the entire franchise that they coughed up $4 billion for gets pushed back a full year as well. The problem is that a shortened production means less time to work on the script and planning phases.

This is horrible news for Star Wars Episode VII. One has to hope that JJ Abrams is ready to take on this project form all aspects and not stop until the summer of 2015. With that kind of pressure, he might be regretting leaving the Star Trek franchise.

Source: THR