Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD gets ripped in the press a lot. The first couple of episodes were a big lacking (not a surprise for a Joss Whedon series), but it has really picked up lately and is getting really good. People also like to complain about its ratings while pretending that NCIS, which it plays at the same time as, isn’t a ratings juggernaut.

Anyway, Kevin Feige has been delivering a ton of news making him one of the most fan friendly movie executives in the history of cinema. This time he is talking about Captain America: The Winter Soldier and how Phase 2 will have huge ramifications on Agents of SHIELD.

“Jeph Loeb, who runs the TV division for Marvel, is in charge of that show, and is doing a great job of overseeing that show, and the studio’s involvement in that is limited to them going “Hey, we’re thinking of doing something like this, is that ok?” and we’ll go yay or nay. But I’ll say that [tie-in’s are] a smart question, and it’ll probably happen sooner than you realize. I think that’s part of the fun they’re having with that show is that it inhabits the same universe, so if there’s a big event, there’ll be ripples.”

On the format of television, Feige also continued to talk about the Punisher and Blade properties. While Daredevil has been hinted at for a TV show, it sounds like those might as well head back to TV, a place that Blade already had one failed run.

The Punisher movies that have been made were both very hard ‘R’s, and were in some places, unbelievably gory, to comedic effect, but I do think that what’s exciting about having all these avenues is that you can explore all the aspect of these characters. In the comics some of these characters are very, very dark, and while Marvel Studios haven’t done that necessarily, some of the Marvel movies, the Blade films, and the Punisher films – you look at The Walking Dead on AMC; that would be hard ‘r’ if that as a movie. So television does sometimes allow you to explore other aspects.

Is Punisher and Blade something you might want to see return as TV series? Are you excited about Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD starting to tie in more with the movies? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

Source: Hey You Guys