The rumor mill went crazy yesterday when Evil Dead writer Rodo Sayagues said that neither he nor director Fede Alvarez was coming back for the Evil Dead sequel. After that hit the fan, Alvarez jumped up and said it wasn’t true.

See, he said that “Rodo” was mis-quoted.

Alvarez said that Rodo meant that they were not actively working on the Evil Dead sequel, but they still planned to make the movie down the road. That sounds good, but Rodo did say they weren’t going to make it and said he wasn’t sure what the producers (Sam Raimi, Brice Campbell and Rob Tapert) had in mind, but it didn’t involve them.

Alvarez said that all the focus right now is on Army of Darkness 2, which Raimi and Campbell are making right now. However, Campbell said that they want to make both Army of Darkness 2 and an Evil Dead sequel to Alvarez’s movie before combining the two worlds into one big team-up movie.

This is still confusing, but if Fede Alvarez is telling the truth (which there is no reason to believe he isn’t) then he once again confirmed Army of Darkness 2 and has said there will be another Evil Dead movie in his series.

Source: Collider