I saw Troll Hunter at the deadCENTER Film Festival two years ago and I was very impressed. I am not a huge fan of found footage movies, but this one brought something unique to the table and made it a bit better than the rest.

Basically, some student filmmakers head into the forests of Norway to shoot a documentary about poachers only to realize that their poaching story is actually a cover for government regulated hunters who are sent out to capture and/or kill giant trolls.

See, trolls were kept in secured areas of the forests, and had been for years for both their safety and the safety of humans. They also keep their existence confidential, but occasionally they escape and have to be kept under control. It was humorous and kept a light hand on the film that made it a blast to watch.

Well, director André Øvredal is making his English-language debut with a movie called The Autopsy of Jane Doe. The movie remains a horror film and starts off with the autopsy of an unidentified young, beautiful woman. The movie then follows a father-son coroner duo and the community who all wonder who this woman was and what secrets will be revealed when her identity is discovered.

There is no word on any American distributors, but the production team plan to take The Autopsy of Jane Doe to the American Film Market next week and more should be learned about it then.

And, if you haven’t watched Troll Hunter yet, watch it. Like now … It’s live streaming on Netflix.

Source: Digital Journal