Directed by Stuart Minnis

Time and Zion is an experimental meditation on the staggering enormity of time. Often, in our day to day lives we lose track of time. Yet it dominates our lives and is in many ways larger than our feeble language can express.

The film is a series of shots and sound from Zion Canyon in Utah, and is divided into three sections: deposition (rock), 2. erosion (water), 3. uplift (time / scale). Many of the shots are various distances of rock formations, waterfalls and other natural phenomena in order to show the enormity of time and its effects.

The screen bisects, trisects, and quadsects at various intervals to juxtapose its varied imagery to the audience. Every once in a while the film will present a fact along with what it’s showing such as telling the audience that the mountain range they are looking at took the entirety of human history times ten to form.

Time and Zion is an awe-inspiring film, illustrating the almost incomprehensible magnitude of time.