It’s interesting, and I never really thought about it until Marvel head honcho Kevin Feige mentioned it, but The Avengers have no secret identities. I mean, yeah, Iron Man is Tony Stark, Captain America is Steve Rogers and Thor is Thor, but everyone knows that. People even know that Hulk is Bruce Banner. There are no real secret identities in the Marvel movie universe.

While I have no idea if people will know that Ant-Man is Hank Pym, I am pretty sure that the rumored Black Panther and Dr. Strange won’t have secret identities either. There really isn’t a Peter Parker in the Marvel movie universe and hasn’t been since Tony Stark told the gathered reporters “I am Iron Man” at the end of that first movie.

“The one we haven’t done in the MCU is the secret identity thing. I thought that had been overplayed for a long time which is why we had Tony Stark out himself at the end of his first movie,” Feige said. “We were sort of announcing to the audience that we’re not going to play that game.”

That makes sense, but one of the fun things about superheroes is the secret identity. It is fun knowing that Bruce Wayne can be out around town and no one knows he is Batman. It is ridiculous, but still fun, to see Superman put on glasses and no one know that the clumsy reporter Clark Kent is not the Man of Steel.

And just because there is not a secret identity in the Marvel movie universe right now, that doesn’t mean there won’t be as Kevin Feige has promised a “secret identity” movie in the future.

“I think there is and I think we will get to it at some point,” Feige said. “We have an idea. As a matter of fact, I was just talking about it the other day with one of our filmmakers. The fun thing about the job, though, is that idea I was talking about with a filmmaker might not happen for four or five years because it may or may not be appropriate for a first movie.”

Could it be Scott Lang becoming Ant-Man? That’s my guess. Do you miss the Marvel heroes not having secret identities in the Marvel movie universe? Chime in below.

Source: Bleeding Cool