There were two new TV shows I was more excited about than any other new ones this season. The first was Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD, and despite a rough patch in the second episode, I thought it has been great. Well, the second anticipated episode was Being Human, and the first eight minutes of that is now online to watch and we have it for you above.

I liked it.

Yeah, I have a soft spot for Karl Urban, who plays a police officer who is almost killed after an attack by a group called the Syndicate. The show, created by J.J. Abrams, takes place in the future and in a society where human police officers are required to partner with synthetic androids to eliminate the possibility of human error in police cases. Meanwhile, the human officers are there to offset the mechanical thoughts of the androids.

The first eight minutes shows him with his first partner, an android who quickly discovers that Urban might be using illegal drugs to ease his tension. We also see that he doesn’t want these partners anyway but is willing to do so to help his boss find out what the Syndicate is up to and to find out if there is a mole in the department.

After his partner suffers an “accidental” demise, he gets a new partner (Michael Ealy) who is an android with human emotions. We don’t see much of that, as the preview ends after they turn him on. There is something rough about the first eight minutes, but that can be ironed out as the show progresses.

Check out the Almost Human preview footage above and let us know what you think. Almost Human premieres on Sunday, Nov. 17 and the second episode airs on Monday, Nov. 18.