The Breakdown

A man puts explosives on a car, takes it outside and blows it up. This is a test car. The woman wants the explosion to be radioactive plus she wants in 36 hours.

Gina ZanetakosLizzie confronts Tom about the passports, gun and money. Tom vehemently denies knowing anything about them.  He then dares Lissie to contact the FBI. After she picks up the phone he admits that it is him in the passports but this is some kind of misunderstanding. Tom gets escorted to a “black site” and is confused about Lizzie’s work. She tells him that this is where she works. At home Red finds out about Tom being taken into FBI custody. Agent Cooper tells Lizzie that she is going on leave. Lizzie is against this because she wants to find out what happen in the Angel Station case and who killed Victor Falken. Lizzie meets with Red to get answers about Tom. Red tells Lizzie that she needs to find Gina Zanetakos because she is Tom’s lover and connected to corporate espionage.

Meera Malik is interrogating Tom and he doesn’t know what’s going on. Tom gives Malik the name of the person he interviewed with who can be his ailby for when the murder happened. Red tells Agent Cooper about Gina Zanetakos. They then find out she is using the name Shubie Hartwell. They track Gina to the Key hotel where she was having drinks with a man. Cooper tells Malik and Ressler that things have changed and Lizzie is back working this case. At the hotel Gina is about to get intimate with this man but needs something from him. He pulls a paper out of his pocket and gives it to her telling her the shipment is confirmed. She goes back to kissing on him and shoots him in the neck with something that kills him while he is still talking. Gina places pills over his dead body to make it seem  as if he overdosed.

Gina ZanetakosAs Gina leaves, Agent Ressler and Keen come into the building. When Gina hears the elevator go off she hides in a janitors closet and waits for them to pass by. Keen and Ressler go into the room and sees the dead man. Gina gets on the elevator with a group of girls and Ressler stops it just in time to get on. When the girls get off Gina beats the daylights out of Ressler. Lizzie goes throught the dead man’s phone and finds Gina’s number and calls it, Ressler answers.

Gina is planning to detonate a bomb but Lizzie doesn’t know where. Malik finds the person Tom claims to have interviewed with and brings Tom back a picture of the man. Tom doesn’t know who the guy is in the picture and thinks he is being set up. Malik talks about the picture that was taken of  Tom outside of the hotel and Lizzie has a light bulb go off. Lizzy goes and matches the picture of Tom leaving the hotel to a picture of Gina and finds it’s a match. Lizzie and Ressler go to Gina’s apartment and search it. Lizzie finds a box filled with different passports of Gina, money and pictures of the guy Tom is being charged with the murder of and the man she just killed. They also find a picture of Tom. Ressler tells Lizzie that it is now time to start looking after herself. Lizzie meets with Red because she doesn’t know what to do and which way is up. She feels she can’t trust anyone and Red tells her she can trust him.

Gina ZanetakosRessler figures out that the man working with Gina is named Maxwell. Lizzie tells Red this information in order to find him. Red goes to Germany to find Maxwell. After a little bribe about a deal in Syria, Red gets Maxwell to give up where Gina is. Maxwell also tells Red that the bomb is in a sedan and will blow in 19 hours. Back at the blacksite Tom feels that Lizzie is watching through the two-sided glass. He pleads his case that he didn’t do anything wrong. Agent Ressler and Lizzie get a team to track down Gina. When Gina spots that people are following her she flees. After a strong chase, Lizzie corners Gina and they begin to fight. Gina is getting the best of Lizzie when Ressler finds them and he shoots Gina. Lizzie is panicking because she wants info out of Gina and calls for medical attention.

Lizzie goes into Cooper’s office where he and Ressler are. Lizzie goes off on Ressler because Gina may be dead from the gunshot wounds. Ressler tells her that she in in surgery. Lizzie calls Red and asks him about New Orleans because he was speaking about a payment getting delayed from Houston to New Orleans. When Red hangs up with Lizzie he says “that’s my girl”.  Lizzie has found out that Gina has been contracted by a company that deals in shipping which is stock price is tanking. Lizzie figures out that the bomb is in Houston so the team goes there to find out where the bomb is. Malik is back interrogating Tom and asks about the bomb and where it could be.

Gina ZanetakosTom claims he knows nothing about this ordeal and wants answers himself. He says that he doesn’t know why he is in this situation and he didn’t ask for any of this including his scar which he shows Malik. Lizzie, Ressler and a team of bomb squad agents go through a lot of the shipping containers at the port. It getting them nowhere, Lizzie deducts that she is missing something. She figures out that Gina needed the man she killed to get this car into the port because he is a diplomat and their cargo will not be checked. They find the container that was in his name and find the bomb. The bomb squad are unable to work with the bomb because it is to high tech and they have less than an hour remaining.

The bomb squad team, Ressler and Lizzie try and think of a way to get rid of the bomb. The port is too large to have everyone evaluate in time so one agent figures “let’s just save ourselves and let everyone else die of radiation”. Not liking that scenario Lizzie wants to drive the car into the water. Ressler decides to take the wheel and drive the car bomb into the water. The bomb goes off and now millions of fish are now dead. Expect a recall on tuna and salmon from Houston within the next week.

Gina ZanetakosIn the hospital Ressler questions Gina about the bomb and she admits it. She also says that she killed Victor Falken and was hired by Red. Lizzie shows Gina the picture of  Tom and she claims she doesn’t know him. Tom gets out of FBI jail and Lizzie hugs him. Tom eerily stares at the FBI evidence wall and sees a familiar face. He sees a picture of Red’s errand boy and says that this was the man that he interviewed with. Lizzie goes to Red and tells him that this arrangement they have is off and to “go to hell”. Lizzie has found out that the money came from an offshore account of Red’s. The apple eating man is watching Lizzie and Tom’s house hoping to see some make up sex. Another man comes in and our apple eating fellow says that Tom doesn’t work for Red. They both wonder who Tom is working for.

The Analyst 

Well damn, that episode was both confusing and entertaining. I expected to get “some” answers about Tom. However seems I am left with more questions. Who is Tom and who does he work for? Who is this apple eating fellow and his friend. But lastly what in the hell is Red doing, with Lizzie and with Tom. This show just keeps getting better and better and outside of me wondering why a known criminal gets to fly around the world just to get “names” instead of being in a government controlled safe house is beyond me. Can’t wait till next week tho!