This week’s The Walking Dead, Isolated, had the group battling the newly contracted illness, each other and themselves, as well as the undead.

The Breakdown

IsolationThis week on The Walking Dead, the episode picked up as Tyreese showed Rick, Daryl, and Carol the burnt bodies of Karen and David. An enraged Tyreese made Rick promise to find out who did it – who burned the live bodies of his ill friends. Rick agreed but Tyreese, obviously grief-stricken, could not contain himself and a fight ensued involving all three men.

Many others were discovered to have the illness, Glenn and Sasha included. Those who were found to be sick were isolated in one area of the prison, while the children and elders were isolated in another.

IsolationDaryl, Tyreese, Michonne, and Bob set out to a vet college 50 miles away to try to get medicine for everyone.

In the meantime, Rick and Carol tried to hold down the fort. Carol seemed to be struggling with friends and children who had taken ill. Before Tyreese left with the group, he thanked Carol for helping everyone and asked if she would check on Sasha while he was away. Carol agreed, but the situation seemed to get to her as he walked away. Carol threw a bit of a fit knocking down water jugs and crying.

IsolationHershel decided to escape is assigned isolation to pick some wild berries outside the fence. Carl who was “protecting everyone” by standing guard would not allow Hershel to go without him. The two set out into the wooded area where they came across a couple of campers (I wondered if they were the ones that Rick had run into in the season premiere). As Carl was about to shoot, Hershel let him know it was not worth it. The man was basically just a torso and the woman was stuck in a bear trap. The two went back to the prison where Hershel brewed some tea for the sick.

IsolationDaryl and the group in search of the medicine in Zach’s old car came across a radio station where someone was talking. Before they could make out what was being said, the group had a near-miss with a few walkers in the road. After stopping the car surrounded by what were even more walkers they looked ahead saw more and more…the hoard stretched for miles. As they tried to reverse and head back, the car got stuck and they had to make a run for it. Tyreese barely escaped, but was able to catch up with the rest and they headed through the woods.

As Hershel was on his way to take the tea to the sick group, Maggie tried to stop him. He came back with his words of wisdom, like Hershel always does and she let him pass. As he was helping Dr. S. drink the tea, the doctor coughed up on to Hershel. There was no need for him to wear the mask any longer and Hershel knew at that point that he would probably become ill as well.

IsolationRick was keeping his promise to Tyreese by examining the area where the burnt bodies were found. He then spotted Carol down by the water trying to free a clog. She quickly became surrounded by walkers and Rick ran to save her. They both made it back safely. Later Rick and Carol talked for a bit when Rick came out and asked her if she was the one who burned those bodies. Carol simply replied with a “yes” and walked away.

The Analysis

Isolated was a dramatic episode of The Walking Dead (like they aren’t all dramatic, right?)  The struggles that the group is subject to are amazing. Enemies, disease, each other, and even internally they battle more than one thing each week. I think that when Glenn told Hershel how he had been through / survived so much and to be taken out by a sickness was crazy was a great point and true! Although I do not think that Glenn will leave the show, at least I certainly hope not.

IsolationThen there is Hershel. He just would not listen to Maggie! The weird thing is, as Dr. S. was coughing I was thinking, “you just told Hershel he shouldn’t be there, so why are you coughing all over him?” Then boom – he coughed right on him!

I cannot wait to see what happens when Tyreese finds out it was Carol that burned Karen and David’s bodies. That is, IF Rick tells him. He was one scary-angry man and I am not really sure that Rick would want that coming out on Carol.

One thing they did not touch on this week was who was feeding the rats to the walkers. Hopefully that will come back up again soon.

What did you think of The Walking Dead this week? Share your thoughts!