The Breakdown

Chapter 26This week starts us off with Kenny having a party in order to celebrate his brand new pool. He gives a speech about his rise to greatness, when just a short while ago he was at his lowest point. Standing in a room, watching his wife get an award, but now, now he has his pool. His brother Dustin didn’t show up, however the wife did. Also, Stevie & his wife now dress like rappers on a budget.  Later that night, April tries to have a talk with Kenny about how she’d like them to see a therapist, and how she feels Kenny is losing touch. However, KP is too blinded by his own happiness to hear any of it. Instead he pulls out his money clip and starts to make it rain, with what looks to be about $8.

Since his team won the Dragon Boat Race, Kenny’s charity, the poor black kids, was given a sum of money. Kenny had a proper baseball field built, and also got them some new gear. He tells everyone to check the stuff out, prompting one of them to steal some of it and run off, which then prompts Stevie to get on a dirt-bike and chase after him. I should also point out that Kenny is dressed like the first ever homosexual character in Street Fighter.

Chapter 26On the next episode of Sport’s Sesh, we find out that Jed is no longer on the show. During the taping, Guy is doing a cooking segment with a guest, and Kenny cuts in, which is part of his gimmick now. The crowd loves him, and he tries to see how many peppers he can eat, despite obviously pissing Guy off.

The next morning, Kenny is hanging out with Stevie, and decides to talk some “bidness”. He wants to start cashing in on his fame, and open up a chain of restaurants called TNT [‘Taters & Tits]. The gimmick being that all the waitresses will be well endowed. Stevie is over come with excitement at the idea.

Chapter 26Later, Kenny heads over to his brother’s house in an attempt to patch things up with gifts. For Dustin JR, he got an assault rifle, and Wayne got himself an electric guitar. Dustin is unfazed by these gifts and Kenny’s multiple attempts at mending the bridge. However, Kenny is truly apologetic. He tells Dustin that he never feels this way, thus he doesn’t know how to act. Dustin is finally persuaded to have a talk with him, when suddenly Kenny keeps getting txts from Guy Young and blows the whole thing off.  He heads to the docks to talk with Guy, and finds him out on the water, flying around on a water-propelled jet-pack. He comes in, and dresses Kenny down. He tells him that he needs to know his station in life. That he’s a co-host, not a host. That Guy is the star of the show. He also tells Kenny he’ll never have a water-propelled jet-pack, which I think is too harsh. You can insult a man, as well as his family, but you never take away the dream of being able to fight crime with a jet-pack.  So long as the crime happens on water, but still.

Chapter 26Kenny & Stevie are at the mall, as Stevie shows Kenny where TNT is going to start off at; a mall kiosk. Kenny is all about it, and then laments to Stevie about what Guy said. However, instead of Stevie suggesting he go set Guy’s eyeballs on fire or something, as we’d expect, he tells Kenny that perhaps he should take his advice, since things are going so great right now.

We then see Kenny take April out on the town, including a sea-food dinner, and the Opera. She keeps pushing for the counseling, which Kenny finally agrees to.

Chapter 26The next day on Sport’s Sesh, Guy once again has a segment all to himself, and Kenny has to sit and watch him half-ass the performance. Finally, he can’t take it anymore and does exactly what Guy told him not to do.  Afterwards, we see Kenny sign autographs for a sea of fans as April heads to counseling. She’s waiting, telling the therapist that Kenny is just running late, however, we see that Kenny is flying high on a water-propelled jet-pack.

The Analysis

Another solid episode. I love seeing Kenny & Stevie with money, because they’re so tacky with it. It’s great to see these characters go without any restraint, especially when it involves sleeveless Tiger-print shirts. Guy is a great rival for Kenny. Normally, KP would just wind-up and do what he could to ruin this guy’s breakfast, but it’s not that simple this season. Kenny owes everything he has to Guy, and who knows what’ll happen now that he’s really pissed him off. One thing I do know, we need some more Yule.