I don’t care what anyone says, Paul W.S. Anderson’s Mortal Kombat movie from back in the day was all kinds of awesome. I love Highlander as much as anyone, but damn if Raiden wasn’t Christopher Lambert’s most awesome scene stealing role. Then, in the sequel, they killed Johnny Cage (Spoiler – screw that movie) and I lost interest in the franchise.

Well, the Mortal Kombat franchise was given a rebirth in 2010 when Kevin Tancharoen created his unauthorized Mortal Kombat: Rebirth short pitch film. Instead of Warner Bros. slamming him down to earth for daring to make a fan film (see Marvel’s recent actions), Warner Bros. loved it and greenlit a full web series, which was called Mortal Kombat: Legacy.

The full season was 13 episodes (watch them on YouTube) and most episodes ranged between 4 to 6 million viewers each. Of course, that meant that Warner Bros. wanted an actual movie. They sent the movie into development and Kevin Tancharoen was retained to direct it.

Until now. Kevin Tancharoen has officially left the Mortal Kombat movie.

“After 3 years of Kombat, I’ve decided to move on to other creative opportunities. I wish everyone involved in the movie big success.”

What caused him to leave the project that he put so much work into just when it looked like he could actually parlay that into directing an actual Mortal Kombat movie remains unknown. There is also no word on who will replace him.

Source: Deadline