OH MY GOD STAN LEE IS THE WORST. Imagine if your grandpa/grandma demanded that you constantly pay homage to them because they birthed the parents that birthed you. That is Stan Lee. Only he’s even worse. He demands our reverence without apology while at the same time refusing to acknowledge the role that Jack Kirby played in his ascent up pop culture mountain. What did Stan Lee do now to drive me absolutely insane this time? Let me tell you about it. Deranged grandpa Lee has declared that he wants a cameo in Batman Vs. Superman. Why? Because he deserves it. Who decided that he deserves it? Stan Lee.

Let’s talk about why this is the most annoying thing that’s happened in almost a week. First, he’s a Marvel man! Even if we assume that his achievements decades ago grant him some leverage with Marvel, why would the folks over at DC owe him anything? Oh, that’s right. They don’t! It’s insane that he even wants this. It’s like he’s claimed sovereignty over all comics and related materials on Earth.

Second, Stan Lee says he deserves it. What has he done to deserve it? All he has done in the past decade is appear in movies to do nothing, and say horrible, cynical things about women.

Third let’s talk about Jack Kirby. While Stan Lee collects endless paychecks and positions himself as the living genesis of comic books, people forget that much of his success and that of comics in general stems from Kirby’s brilliant early work. It’s like in Back To The Future when Michael J. Fox goes back in time and steals rock n’ roll from Chuck Berry. In classic Marvel fashion, Stan Lee is retconning the universe to make himself the hero. He is the absolute worst. #TeamKirby for life.

Source: TMZ