The Hunger Games: Catching Fire final trailer just hit online today and – honestly – it doesn’t really give me what I wanted to see. What we see is President Snow telling Katniss that she won the battles in the Games but then he asks if she wants to be part of a real war.

Then we get a lot of shots from the movie, which makes it look like they are really going all out this time around with some great special effects. The problem is that it will looks like they are pushing the entire Hunger Games aspects of the story and not what it is really about.

Unlike the first movie, The Hunger Games: Catching Fire is not so much about the Games, where kids are forced to fight to the death to prove to the world that they are completely under the power of the government. Instead, The Hunger Games: Catching Fire is where the uprising begins and the people – and the kids – rise up and fight back.

This is not a generic retelling of Battle Royale. It is a dystopian future where the people finally tire of the ruling class and rise up to take their world back. This is a perfect plot in today’s society and I am surprised they are not pushing that angle more than just the kids trying to stay alive in the jungles again.

I really hope the movie gives us the real story and not just a rehash of the first movie. Check out the The Hunger Games: Catching Fire final trailer and let us know what you think.