You’d think that people don’t read books or watch movies. Or maybe, people just aren’t as superstitious as they should be. It’s just that I can seriously see a real life Pet Sematary meets The Shining with Poltergeist mixed in. And its all because some people are doing exactly what you scream at characters not to do in the movies.

Pet SemataryAccording to I09, The people who own the Stanley Hotel are planning some renovations to their grounds. They want to build a new wedding and corporate retreat pavilion. In order to do so, they have to dig up a historic pet cemetery located beside the hotel so they can build over it.

Did I mention that the Stanley Hotel is the hotel that Stephen King based the Overlook Hotel on in The Shining?

So, to recap, the people who own the hotel that The Shining was based on wants to dig up a pet cemetery and build a new pavilion over the grounds…

Next time you watch a horror movie and want to scream that the people are making some stupid decisions, think about these real life people.

Source: Roadtrippers