We’ve all heard the fanboy shouts and complaints about this casting. Even I pouted some when I heard the news that the next person to reign the throne of The Dark Knight, would be Ben Affleck. Despite my overwhelming sense of worry, part of me feels that the fanboy rage has only made Affleck eager to prove the world wrong. His latest words offer this as a possibility, and if you notice, he’s acting very calculated about what he has to say about his version of caped crusader.

Ben Affleck interviewThe other site I write for, 411Mania (Way to go boys!), got the exclusive with Affleck and asked about his choosing to play the famous role of Batman. The interview was done by Al Norton, which Affleck says:

“Initially I was reluctant as I felt I didn’t fit the traditional mold but once Zack showed me the concept, and that it would be both different from the great movies that Chris and Christian made but still in keeping with tradition I was excited. Doing something different and new is always tricky and part of the thrill and the risk is that initially it confounds expectations. The truth is, it’s the movie and the execution of it is what all the actors depend on and I believe in Zack’s vision.”

Norton then ask him about Warner Brothers CEO Kevin Tsujihara’s comments about the new version of Batman being “tired and weary,” to which Affleck explains that:

Yes, Kevin described it aptly. I don’t want to go further because I want to be able to capitalize on what is new about this iteration by having it be a surprise to the audience.

I can appreciate the idea of secrecy until the audience is ready. In fact, I think the quieter Affleck is about his Bruce Wayne, the more people will actually invest to see it. Question is, will Affleck and Warner Brothers want the same thing? Either way, if his incarnation proves a success, I’m hoping it leads to Affleck directing either Justice League or his very own solo film for Batman.

Batman Vs. Superman will hit theaters July 2015!

Source: 411Mania