Looks like Ryan Reynolds can’t wait to play another superhero. The actor has been cast as the lead in the Deadpool movie, based on the Marvel comic book centered on the X-Men-esque mutant mercenary/anti-hero. In a recent interview with Yahoo Movies, Reynolds said that the Deadpool movie is making progress. Slow progress. Here’s the exact quote:

“Actually in the last couple of weeks it’s taken a few very, very small tiptoes forward.”

Talk about a redundant statement! Tiptoes are small steps, Ryan. He also said that the Deadpool movie is low-budget for a studio, and that he bets everyone will get the chance to see the film (i.e, it’s gettin’ made).

Deadpool’s script was leaked online awhile ago, and its writers, Rhett Reese (who penned Zombieland) and Paul Wernick (who produced Zombieland) were so excited about it that they urged fans to download and read it. Twentieth Century Fox owns the character, and Tim Miller is attached to direct. So far Miller is largely unknown, having only directed short films.

When did we get to the point when every single comic book adaptation has to be overly hyped, so far in advance? I’ve never heard of Deadpool until now. Don’t hate me, fans. I’m not exactly an aficionado on Marvel, but I can think of many other comic book characters that deserve their turn in the sun.

And what on Earth is Reynolds thinking? His last superhero movie The Green Lantern was seriously the worst. I know actors make obscene amounts of money playing superheroes in movies that have huge success rates of leading to future lucrative installments, but Reynold’s career has taken a nose-dive these past two years, arguably because of GL.

Maybe it’s time for the actor to try his hand at something new?

SOURCE: Slash Film