Yahoo Movies did an informal poll to see if the classic John Carpenter 1978 original Halloween movie was still scary over 35 years later. The poll concluded and determined it was not scary any more because the 10 college students they had watch it have no taste in movies.

The kids (from around the country) ranked the movie on a scale from 1-10 for how scary it was and it averaged out to be a 5.4. One person ranked it as a 2 and the highest it got was a 7.5.

The movies that they considered scarier? Well, nothing made before 2002 was considered scary to these kids. The oldest scary movie was The Ring (2002), which was scarier than Halloween, I will admit to that.

They also included The Cabin in the Woods as a scarier movie, even though that movie really wasn’t scary at all. It is one of my favorite movies of the last couple of years, but it was not made to be “scary.”

They also ranked the REMAKE of The Omen as a scarier movie. I am sure if they saw the original, they would have hated it as well. I’m also sure that if they saw The Exorcist, they would laugh the entire movie. That is because one of the kids called Halloween “one of the┬áLOL-worthiest movies I have seen in a while.”

They also ranked 1408, The Conjuring, The Descent, the Evil Dead REMAKE, Saw and Sinister as scarier than Halloween. None of them admitted to having ever seen Rob Zombie’s Halloween remakes, though they probably would have ranked them as scarier too if they had.

I will admit that some of the college students said they see exactly how the original Halloween movie influenced horror and a few of them said that it was still scary, but the way the Yahoo article dismisses the movie as not scary – and especially the kids who laughed at it – shows the reason that horror today is so cheap.

This is why we don’t get many good horror movies anymore. Kids today would rather watch torture porn or bad remakes than a true classic horror movie.

Source: Yahoo Movies