For someone who said that Marvel won’t announce any of their upcoming future releases until Comic-Con 2014 – at the earliest – Kevin Feige is giving away a lot of information. This time he is spilling the beans about the rumored Black Panther movie.

It is no longer rumored. While he won’t admit to it being on the upcoming schedule – yet – Feige said that the Black Panther movie is “absolutely in development.”

Hie exact words were that there is a lot to deal with in a Black Panther movie – the land of Wakanda, the back story of Black Panther and the vibranium which has already been introduced into the Marvel movie universe. He then told the interviewer that they will definitely introduce Black Panther into the Marvel movie universe someday, it is being worked on right now, but he has no exact time frame for the Black Panther movie.

For those who don’t read comics, Black Panther is T’Challa, the king of the land of Wakanda, the one place in the world where vibranium is found, which is what makes the land self sustainable. Panther has problems within his own land, specifically from people who want the land’s resourced for their own nefarious means.

He also traveled to the United States and has been a member of The Avengers on numerous occasions. Many fans of the animated Avengers series knows of Black Panther, as he has played a large role in those as well.

There are rumors that Black Panther will be part of Phase 3, along with the rumored Doctor Strange.

Here is the Black Panther movie talk in Kevin Feige’s interview with Black Tree TV.

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