The new Captain America: The Winter Soldier trailer hits on Thursday night, but Marvel released a couple of images from the movie today. The two photos show one very interesting piece of information. Captain America changes costumes in the movie to something darker.

Honestly, while comic book fans may bitch and moan all day about this change, but I like it. Honestly, I thought the changes they made to his costume in the first movie was solid, but this new costume looks a lot like his Secret Avengers attire, which I really dug. It makes more sense if this is the espionage thriller that Marvel advertises it as. It also makes sense, since they name dropped Ed Brubaker’s run.

“He’s an amazingly drawn character. He’s so well conceived,” said co-director Anthony Russo. “[Ed Brubaker has] one of the best comic runs in the last 20 years, one of our favorite comic runs of all time & we really want to do it justice. It was important to us to make sure he just jumped off the page to the screen.”

Captain America: The Winter Soldier

There have also been the rumors that SHIELD might end up as part antagonist in this movie, with someone over Nick Fury’s head having nefarious plans. WIth that said, part of the movie’s plot will involve Cap trying to figure out who the real good guys and bad guys are in this new world he finds himself in. The second photo shows what, if I guessed, was Captain America standing amongst a lot of downed SHIELD agents, meaning that it might not be that clear.

“Some of the people who used to be our enemies are now our allies,” Samuel L. Jackson said. The new film has Captain America “trying to figure out, ‘Well, how do we trust those guys?’ or ‘How do we trust the guys that you didn’t trust who don’t trust you?’ And explaining to him that the black and white of good guys/bad guys has now turned into this gray area.”

Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Source: USA Today