A couple of days ago, the world shook from the announcement of Christopher Nolan’s return as producer for Justice League/World’s Finest. In the same report, it  stated that Christian Bale would also reprise his role as a billionaire playboy Bruce Wayne, aka The Dark Knight. Well, a new report claims that we should not get our hopes up on Christian Bale’s return.

The report came from Comic Book Movies, which claims that a WB insider suggest that not only will Christian Bale NOT be in the future movies, but they are looking to recast the role. What’s also interesting is that it also says David Goyer is NOT attached to write a new draft of Justice League, and Will Beal’s script is still in the running. The Will Beal claim comes off a bit sketchy with all the reports two months back, but who knows. The last thing I’ll bring up from the article is it mentions at this point in time, no matter what you hear, nothing will be addressed until the release of Man of Steel. This includes a confirmation of Nolan’s involvement in any future DC properties.

If Christian Bale is in fact being recasted, then I’m not surprised. The biggest item which frustrates me is we may hear nothing regarding these reports until after Man of Steel. Either way as long as Nolan stays involved there is hope for the Justice League film. The question remains… Who will play Batman?

Would you like to see Christian Bale play Batman once more? or someone else? Tell us below!


Source: ComicBook Movie