Eddie Murphy has been working on getting a Beverly Hills Cop television series off the ground for around a year now. He finally found a suitor in CBS and a partner in crime in Shawn Ryan, the mastermind behind The Shield. Now, word has come down that his old Beverly Hills Cop co-star Judge Reinhold will join him in the cast, at least for the pilot episode.

The TV series will not follow Murphy’s Axel Foley, but will follow his son, played by Brandon T. Jackson (Tropic Thunder). It will keep the action based in Beverly Hills, while Murphy’s cop will remain in Detroit. Murphy is attached to play a recurring character, although how many episodes he will appear in is still to be determined. Reinhold will reprise his role as Billy Rosewood, who apparently finally got a big promotion. Kevin Pollak also co-stars.

With Shawn Ryan behind the wheel, I have to think this will be a little more edgy than Murphy’s movies, although with Murphy as the producer, I assume it will retain some of the humor. I had little hope for the show when Murphy started pitching it, but with Shawn Ryan leading the way, I am at least intrigued. With Judge Reinhold back, it will at least give me something to smile about.

Source: Hollywood Reporter