I have enjoyed Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD since the first episode, although I do understand some people’s concerns about the show. There were problems that needed fixed (Fitz-Simmons being a big one), but I knew that – with Joss Whedon involved – they would work themselves out.

And they have worked them out well.

The last two episodes of Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD have been great. They are going with more of the spy focus, while keeping the superpowers in the mix as well. Last weeks was about the spies using the fake eye to control former agents and this weeks was about a guy who could create fire. Plus, they are setting up the big bad guys to be the organization that is using the Extremis from Iron Man 3 and finally revealed what Skye is up to.

Things are moving along well and it is finding it’s footing.

Of course, there are still people complaining because they want more of the movie’s universe in the show (which I think adding that would be a mistake – they need to compliment each other and not compete with each other). Well, Marvel movie’s head honcho Kevin Feige was asked and he said that he isn’t sure, but he thinks the Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD’s place in the Mavel movie continuity will be worked out before Captain America: The Winter Soldier hits theaters.

Some think this will explain where SHIELD was during Iron Man 3 when the president was kidnapped.  If that is the case, then this happens sometime before Iron Man 3, and since they are using the Extremis storyline, there is a possibility that they are fighting the Extremis threat the same time it is set loose on Tony Stark, showing why they were not there to help. Plus, with a possibility of some members of SHIELD playing a bad guy role in Captain America: The Winter Soldier, this first season could lead right into that movie as a perfect lead-in.

That would make it must-see television for fans of the movies. I don’t think it will lose audience members who don’t watch Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD, but it may give fantastic Easter eggs for those who do when Cap’s next movie comes around.

Source: Screen Rant