The Breakdown

We see that Brian has been shot. Duncan is trying to save him to use him as bait for Ellen. Ellen is at the train station looking directly at her kids. In the dumbest move ever Ellen doesn’t go up to the kids to tell them what to do, instead she leaves and goes back to the house. Morgan and Jake reconsider getting on the bus and decide to catch the next bus. Ellen enters the house and tells Sandrine (the female member of Duncan’s team) to get away from her husband if they want her help.

Hostages Truth and ConsequencesEllen is trying to keep Brain alive when he starts bleeding out. She asks Duncan for her trauma kit so that she can revive him. She does so after several attempts using a defibrillator. Sandrine locates the kids at the bus station through her iPad. Archer finally comes back and tells Duncan they have a problem. Duncan inquires to what happened with Angela. Archer tells him that he had to kill her because she was trying to escape. Their plan was to hold her hostage for 2 weeks until they could kill the president. Duncan is upset with Archer.

While Archer who Duncan that they couldn’t expect to finish this job without getting their hands dirty. At the bus station Sandrine looks around trying to find the kids. Morgan and Jake get  called over the loudspeaker in the bus station. They go to a window and one of the employees give Morgan the bag with the money and passports for them to leave. There is also a note from Ellen telling them to go on without them. Morgan and Jake finally get on the next bus to Montreal when the bus is held up because they are waiting for another female passenger.

Hostages Truth and ConsequencesA woman enters the bus with the profile and frame of Sandrine. When the woman turns around we see that it’s not her. Sandrine gives up for looking for Jake and Morgan and leaves the train station when a private investigator stops her because she owes someone money. After trying to pull her gun out another man stops and apprehends her.

Back at the Sanders house, Ellen is trying to get the bullet of out Brian’s chest. She has Duncan holding pressure on Brians’ wound so that he doesn’t bleed out. Suddenly the door rings and a man won’t stop screaming for them to answer it. Duncan tells Ellen to get the door and also to take off her clothes because the ones she is wearing has blood on them. Ellen changes her clothes and goes to the door. It’s Boyd, Morgans boyfriend, Boyd pleads his case and becomes rather annoying saying he can take care of Morgan while she pregnant.

Duncan takes his hand off of Brian and has Brian hold his own wound. Duncan pulls out his gun and goes to the door. Not being seen by Boyd Duncan motions to Ellen to get rid of this guy. Boyd leaves and Ellen goes back to Brain. Brain asks what was that about and Ellen says that you should know since Boyd approached him first. Brian denies and Ellen figures out that Duncan posed as her husband. Archer goes to a storage unit to get the body of Angela. He wraps the body in a oriental rug then places it on a cart and leaves.

Outside a woman knocks her cart into Archers. The cart gets stuck and the woman asks Archer for help and won’t shut up. She goes on about what she does for a living and even asks about the rug that Archer is transporting. She is about to unravel the rug until Archer stops her saying that he is running late. Sandrine is being held in a strange place while being beat up by the person she owes money to. It seems that she was supposed to oversee an incoming drug shipment at the docks but they were intercepted. The guy is making Sandrine pay for his lost shipment. She begs that she needs more time to get the money. Duncan throws Ellen in the trunk of a car telling her she must pay for trying to escape.

Hostages Truth and ConsequencesDuncan takes Ellen to a field where no one is around. He hands her a shovel and tells her to start digging. Morgan and Jake get off the bus and Jake wants to call his mom and dad. Morgan tells him that they might be dead. Kramer is at the house watching Brain. Brain is asking for something to deal with the pain. Brian is trying to convince Kramer that he is not a bad guy and doesn’t want to do this. He tries to get him to call the police to get this whole thing over with. Kramer tells him that he doesn’t know him netherless his own family. Kramer tells Brian that Jake was dealing pot which was why he got beaten up. Sandrine is dropped of at her car at the bus station. Jake calls home hoping to speak with his parents. Kramer answers the phone and tells Jake to come home, which is the only way he will speak to his parents. Jake doesn’t believe Kramer and thinks that they are dead. Kramer calls Sandrine and tells her that he tracked Jake’s call to a rest stop in Pikesville. He wants Sandrine to follow-up and find the kids. Ellen is still digging a hole when Duncan tells her a story of a rape victim that came into the hospital after being attacked. The man who raped her is also in the ER and a young resident doesn’t help the man and lets him die. That resident was Ellen and Duncan tells her that is why they picked her to kill the president.

Hostages Truth and ConsequencesDuncan tells Ellen to stop digging. He pulls out his gun and cocks it, tells her to close her eyes and get in the hole. Ellen says just do it already when she hears a loud thump. She opens her eyes to find the body of Angela lying in it. Duncan orders Ellen to bury it. On the car ride home Ellen tells Duncan that he can torture her all he wants her kids got away and that she won. They go back to the house, enter it and Ellen sees the kids and Duncan’s tells her that he won. Duncan tells Morgan that her boyfriend came by and that she needs to get rid of him before he does. Morgan meets Boyd and breaks it off with him, telling him that it isn’t going to work and that he isn’t good enough for her. Archer tells Duncan that Samantha has been calling Brian. Brian calls Samantha and tells her that he was in a car accident and that he missed and loves her. reading from a script that Kramer wrote for him. Archer is leaving a building and gets stopped by the cops. The police opens his truck and find guns then they arrest him. The police officer calls Duncan and tells him that the guns were exactly where he said they would be and thanks Duncan for the tip.

The Analyst

It seems like Duncan team is crumbling to pieces. Duncan gets Archer set up. Sandrine is requesting 50 thousand dollars from Duncan within 24 hours and Kramer seems to be having conflicting emotions about this mission or just for Sandrine in general. I was surprised at this episode, before I watched it I thought that I would rate it a 4. To my surprise to was better than expected. In efforts to make viewers watch the show CBS showed an extended look at future episodes. In it, it showed Sandrine and Archer hooking up, Cresey possibly being killed and Ellen and Duncan kissing. I can’t completely concede to the notion that this show is heating up, but it is getter better. I said previously that Duncan team’s back story are far more interesting that Ellen’s family. It is good to see that the writers are shying away from the family and concentrating on Kramer, Sandrine  and Archer.