The Breakdown

In bed Lizzie finally confronts Tom about the whole “Angel Station” ordeal and if he had anything to do with it. Tom at first denies it and then jumps on top of her asking what do you know. When she screams “nothing” he freaks out and chokes her. Lizzy wakes up and we see she was dreaming. Tom is telling Lizzy the good news about finally being able to adopt a child and he is going to see the ultrasound. We see the apple eating man watching them from the cameras that were installed in their house.

Somewhere in the woods the courier confronts a truck that has another man in it who is tied up. When the courier approaches the truck he is wearing a mask. The tied up guy screams don’t hurt me my name is Seth Nelson blah blah blah. When the couriers’ back is turned Nelson picks up a knife and soon stabs the courier with it.

Ressler comes into Lizzie’s office while she is trying to obtain more information about the Angel Station matter. They basically air out the fact he doesn’t trust her and she doesn’t like him.

Our case begins with Red telling Lizzie about a man named “The Courier” who transacts business with criminals by delivering packages. People trust him because he can not be bribed and will kill both parties if they attempt to double cross one another. The package that he is set to deliver is a genetically engineered virus worth 20 million dollars. He is set to make the drop to a man named Hamed Soroush. Method of transportation is through a human head.

The CourierAt the farmers market where the exchange is going to take place. Soroush approaches the courier to make the exchange, Lizzie and Meera Malik trail them. Suddenly the courier opens fire on Sorosh killing him. The courier gets in a car drives away with Lizzy and Malik tailing him. Having the courier cornered Lizzy tells Malik to ram the couriers’ car. Malik does and the courier flees. Hiding out in an alley the courier places an SD card in a wound on his chest. The courier then opens fire on Lizzy and Malik and ends up running out of ammo. Malik and Lizzy corner the courier telling him to put his hands up but he is unable to because of a wound on his left arm. While in custody Ressler and Malik question the courier and gets nothing out of him. Agent Cooper asks Red where is the package, being the FBI found nothing in his car or on him. Red wonders are the rumors true and tell the FBI to get a doctor. The doctor tells the agents that courier suffers from a disease the causes him not to feel pain. Agent Cooper asks the doctor to look inside the couriers’ chest and see if he is hiding something there. Upon further review the doctor finds the SD card the courier is holding. On the tape we see Seth in a grave with a gas mask on. Lizzy proclaims that this tape was evidence of a murder and Hamed was paying for a ransom. Nelson is in a coffin with an oxygen tank on with a timer controlled by a cell phone that has less than 22 hours on it.

Lizzie asks Red what does he know about the courier and Red doesn’t budge. Red tells her he wants to know if she found any information on her husband. She tells Red about the file but couldn’t read the entire thing. In exchange Red finds the couriers’ safe house. The FBI swarm the house finding out the couriers’ name is Tommy Phelps. Lizzy finds a picture of Tommy as a boy with his younger brother. They approach Tommy with the info they have learned and still gets nothing. Lizzy shows Tommy the picture and asks Tommy does he care about his brother and that they are exporting his brother from a Florida prison.

The CourierTommy’s brother doesn’t have any idea what Tommy is up to but knows that the deal went south and both parties are going to get killed if they aren’t already. The FBI finds out who the buyer was for Seth, they also find out Seth works for the NSA. The buyers name is DeChambeau and used to be French intelligence. They plan to approach her at a nightclub which she owns, telling her the deal went south and to pick up Seth where she handed him off to the courier. By doing this they hope to follow her and find Seth. They also assume that DeChambeau has never meet the courier. Ressler asks for the job and Cooper tells them that the minute this operation goes south he wants the nightclub raided. Tom calls Lizzy in a panic telling her that he is not going to the ultrasound and the adoption is off and she needs to come home so they can talk. Tom has found out the secret box he has been hiding is gone.

The CourierRessler goes to the nightclub looking for the woman. The security guard tells Ressler to get lost. Malik tells Ressler to beat the guard up because that would be the couriers’ method. Ressler beats the guard up and enters the club. Another guard takes Ressler to DeChambeau. She has no idea who Ressler is and wants to know why she shouldn’t kill him. Ressler then says that Hamed screwed him, there was no money, he was double crossed and she can pick up Seth were she dropped him off. The light bulb goes off and she figured out Ressler is the courier. The woman says that the courier can’t feel pain and how does she know she isn’t being double crossed as well. Malik tells the FBI agents to get ready to go in. Ressler breaks a glass and cuts himself on the arm. DeChambeau is satisfied but asks if he’s the courier and had an mission go south why isn’t she dead yet. Malik screams to Ressler to get out of there and tells her agents to go in, Ressler is compromised. Ressler fights the guards off as they attack him and the woman is brought into custody. At FBI headquarters Cooper is trying to figure out how do they break the courier. Lizzy tells them about Tommy’s brother and they can make a deal with Tommy to lower his brothers sentence in exchange for the location of Seth. In transport we see the courier picking at one of his wounds, pulls a knife from out of the wound and begins to work on taking his handcuffs off.

The CourierThe FBI still has DeChambeau in custody but they have no way of making her talk. Red tells Cooper to let her go so he can find out where Seth is. For some unseen reason Cooper agrees. Red finds DeChambeau and tells her that if she doesn’t want to end up dead like Hamed she needs to tell him where she dropped Seth off. He says that he can get her out of the country on his jet, otherwise he gives it about a day and a half before the courier finds her and kills her. She doesn’t resist and Red tells her that the courier has been watching her and knows everything about her, even more than Red does and Red slept with her. DeChambeau tells Red the courier is in Woodbridge at his old home. Ressler and Malik go to a trailer where the courier should be. On approaching the trailer shots are fired. Malik and Ressler exchange shots and once again the couriers runs out of ammo. Ressler enters the trailer to find Tommy has taken off. They track him down and have him turn around. Tommy drops to the ground dead. Seth has about 40 minutes to live

The CourierLizzy and Red figure out a spot where Seth may be. They go to the location and find a graveyard of refrigerators. Red figures out that Seth is not in a fridge but a grave. He stops around to find a hollow spot. They get Seth out of the grave and undo the oxygen mask he was wearing. While being put in the ambulance Red whispers something to Seth. At her desk Lizzy receives a package which is from Red. It contains the full file on the Angel Station case. It contains photos of Tom leaving a hotel and pictures of the man he killed. At the house in which Red is staying his man servant asks “why didn’t he use the access from Seth’s NSA servers on something bigger and not on Lizzy.” Red states that he is waiting for the long run something he can use in the future. Red’s man servant says his future is here. Red pours a glass of hooch and Lizzy enters. She says she doesn’t know why she is there. Lizzy goes back home and we see the apple eating man watching her enter her house. There is another man with the apple eating fellow and the apple eating man says “you gotta watch this”. Lizzy tells Tom they need to talk, Tom feels the same way and pushes forward the box of goodies with gun, cash and passports still in the box.

The Analyst

We’ve finally reached one of the moment we’ve been waiting for! Lizzy and Tom’s big confrontation. However we will have to wait until next week to see how it ends. From the preview of the next episode it seems that Lizzy is bringing Tom in to the FBI. (not in a good way) From this episode, the documents that Lizzy read from the full classified file looks as thought it stated that Tom was an agent that may have turned. I am not completely sure but we will find out next week. This show is still entertaining but I still wonder why on earth Cooper jumps through all of Red’s hoops while Red completely mocks him. Telling Copper that they can’t trust him and Red considering it a bonus if he double crossed the FBI.