Many Sleepy Hollow viewers were disappointed when they turned their TV’s on to the Fox Network this Monday to find an encore of the Sleepy Hollow pilot playing.  Don’t worry, your favorite show will be airing brand new episodes soon.  I’m not fond of reruns either but at least we won’t have to worry about the World Series getting in the way and keeping us from seeing a new episode.

sleepy hollowFox has posted an updated schedule on their Facebook page.  According to this schedule, new Sleepy Hollow episodes will be back on Monday November 4th.  It looks so exciting, I can hardly wait!  Big things will be happening.  John Noble (Fringe) starts his recurring guest star role and John Cho is back!  Unfortunately, that headless horseman is back too.  The fact that he and Ichabod are connected will cause big problems in the effort to defeat the headless horseman.

Check out the preview below.

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