The Shining is a great film. It is not, however, the only great film. It’s not even the best film made by the guy who made it (Kubrick’s best is Barry Lyndon – let’s fight about it). Despite the presence of so many great movies, it is The Shining that is apparently the best for fooling around with. It has bajillions of iconic moments, some easily parodied visuals and moments of dialogue, and of course, Jack Nicholson. Is that enough to explain the recent documentary Room 237 (so awesome), or this video (too funny), or the newest edition to The Shining fan work – CineFix’s rendition of the film as The Shining 8-bit video game?

Probably yes. The film is coated in symbolism, and Kubrick’s style makes its critical moments unbelievably memorable. More than that it’s a fairly simple story and one that is easy to manipulate. This video is just more proof of that.

Working with a film that has been so over-analyzed and holds such a proud position in the horror canon makes for easy laughs, and everything is funny when it looks like early Final Fantasy.

There’s not too much to say about The Shining 8-bit video game, except that it makes me curious about fan videos I haven’t seen. If you know about more of them then comment below. I want a YouTube playlist, and I want it yesterday!